• Top 5 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day!
  • Berry Green Protein Smoothie Recipe
  • Who Knew Choosing the Right Insulation Could Save Us Money!
  • Symptoms of a High Functioning Alcoholic
  • Tips for Planning a Major Home Renovation
  • Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe
  • Healthy, Low Calorie Snack Ideas – 100 Calorie Snack Ideas
  • Time With a Personal Trainer – Start the Year off Right


Toonies for Tummies

Toonies for Tummies #Toonies4tummies

A few years ago, while I was talking to a teacher in my children’s school, she mentioned a problem that had been brought to light. Apparently theft was occurring, which involved student’s lunch items being taken from their lockers. However, when they discovered who was taking the items, the reason why broke their hearts. Apparently,…

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insulation slider

Who Knew Choosing the Right Insulation Could Save Us Money!

For the past 11 years we have been renovating our fixer-upper home on and off, right now we are 1 week into gutting and rebuilding the 1300 square foot basement. The good news is that we’re alive, still married and not too harried after the demolition. Anyone who has done a reno knows that it’s a trying…

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berry green protein smoothie slider

Berry Green Protein Smoothie Recipe

We are well into the new year which finds me sticking to my resolve to be conscious of what I’m eating and preparing for our family. With my parents living here, we are preparing meals for 6 very different taste buds and health needs. 3 generations isn’t always easy but one thing we all enjoy is…

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fallsview waterpark niagara birthday party

Family FUN for Christmas at Fallsview Waterpark & Resorts

With both daughters being born in December, it can be VERY challenging to arrange a birthday celebration for them. Combine this with the school holidays in December and a parent could be really frustrated. This year we’re spending the weekend in Niagara with 9 children. We are staying at the Skyline Inn and spending our…

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Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights Set to Begin

Niagara Falls is one of our family’s favourite destinations in Ontario. As a child I can remember standing, staring at the Falls and feeling a sense of awe for the first time. That feeling has always remained, each time I have the opportunity to gaze upon the Falls, I am struck by the beauty this…

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yoga slider

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day!

Yoga is a great way to start your day. Even if you do not have an hour to complete a full practice give these 5 poses a try and ease out of your dream state and into your day. All you need is 15 minutes to slowly deepen your breath, start to move and create…

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