• Fuji X-A2 Review and a GIVEAWAY! #FujiMoms
  • Top 10 Things to do on the Carnival Liberty
  • No-Fail Grilled Chicken Recipes
  • How to BBQ Corn – In The Husk
  • 10 Delicious Smoothie Recipes – Everyone Will Love Them
  • Fern Resort – an amazing Ontario Travel Resort
  • Bacon Wrapped Omelette – a muffin pan recipe
  • Perfect Crispy Sweet Potato Fries with the Philips Airfryer


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Front Entry Hall Closet Makeover

Living in a 1970’s home has been a treat of renovations and upgrades. Most recently we ripped a horrifying amount of stucco from the front entryway hall much to the dismay of my husband. I don’t know what it was about that stucco…it was about 6 inches thick on the ceiling and went all the way…

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How to BBQ Corn – In The Husk

We are a grilling family! Given a choice we’d be outside all year long, preparing our dinners on the BBQ while enjoying the fresh air. Here in Canada the weather isn’t always conducive for this lifestyle…as you can imagine, it’s a pain in the butt to shovel a few feet of snow off of the…

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Bacon Wrapped Omelette – a muffin pan recipe

As the warmer weather is settling in, my socks are gone and I’m planning our summer activities. This means I’m booking camping sites and getting EXCITED!! Some of our fondest family memories take place while we’re camping. We get away from it all and take time to bond with one another over fishing, hiking and…

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Summer in Banff – So Much to do, So Little Time #MyBanffFBC

As a Canadian who happens to love the outdoors, I’ve heard of the beauty of Banff, Alberta since I was a child and have always dreamed of visiting. From the majestic mountains, gorgeous lakes to the hiking trails and the animals, it seemed the opportunities were endless and they all screamed for me to hop on…

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Top 10 Things to do on the Carnival Liberty

It hasn’t been very long since our family enjoyed cruising on Carnival Liberty and yet I find myself yearning to go back. In March we cruised for 7 days from Port Canaveral with stops in Grand Turk; San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. We had a spectacular time at the Journey concert, which was…

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Kicking Anxiety’s Butt…One Positive Thought at a Time

Stress is a bitch! There are no 2 ways about it, and yes I’m using foul language today because it just bloody feels right. Stress comes with anxiety for me and this is the silent enemy that can steal the joy from my life without me realizing until it’s far too late. Throughout the years…

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Tips to Help You Stick to your Fitness Routine

The beginning of 2015 is well underway which means that many of our well-intentioned resolutions have been overlooked by now. In years gone by, I vowed to get moving more and had every intention of setting up a fitness routine that I’d stick to but somehow life got in the way and I felt like…

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