• 10 Tried and True Short Bread Recipes You’ll Love
  • Peppermint Chocolate Shortbread Bar – Perfect for a Christmas Cookie Exchange #ChipitsHoliday
  • Whipped Shortbread Cookie Recipe
  • Creamy Hot Cocoa Recipe
  • Creating a Cozy Country Christmas Dining Room
  • Turn a Pendant Light into a Christmas Chandelier DIY
  • Holiday Shopping with Interac #YourChoiceMatters
  • How to Use Clay Paint to Refinish Furniture


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Creating a Cozy Country Christmas Dining Room

Recently our home has been undergoing some major renovations and although they’re not finished I am beginning to see the hard work paying off. We renovated our kitchen/living room cabinetry and counters to bring it forward from the 1970’s into what I feel is a light, clean look. With the Christmas season almost upon us,…

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DIY Christmas Chandelier slider

Turn a Pendant Light into a Christmas Chandelier DIY

In our dining room, we have a pendant light which I really dislike. We have it on the HUGE list of things to replace/upgrade in our home but for now I’m living with it. It’s a basic pendant light and does its job so it’s not at the top of the list just yet. With…

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Creamy Hot Cocoa Recipe

It’s the time of year when I dust off my hot drink recipes because baby it’s COLD outside! Each year I try to share some favourites here, last year I shared my Candy Cane Hot Chocolate recipe which is one of the kids favourites. Today I’m sharing my Creamy Hot Cocoa recipe which I know…

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EASY Banana bread slider

No-Fail Banana Bread Recipe – Our EASY Family Recipe

Our family has some recipes which are no-fails which means that each and every time we make them, they turn out exactly as they’re supposed to. One of these is our banana bread recipe, it’s perfect each and every time I make it which is saying something. Yesterday, my 10 year old daughter exclaimed in…

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fallsview waterpark niagara birthday party

Family FUN for Christmas at Fallsview Waterpark & Resorts

With both daughters being born in December, it can be VERY challenging to arrange a birthday celebration for them. Combine this with the school holidays in December and a parent could be really frustrated. This year we’re spending the weekend in Niagara with 9 children. We are staying at the Skyline Inn and spending our…

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Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights Set to Begin

Niagara Falls is one of our family’s favourite destinations in Ontario. As a child I can remember standing, staring at the Falls and feeling a sense of awe for the first time. That feeling has always remained, each time I have the opportunity to gaze upon the Falls, I am struck by the beauty this…

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10 Tips for Weight Loss From My Personal Trainer slider

10 Tips for Weight Loss From My Personal Trainer

If you’re someone who is focusing on weight loss, the many diet programs and exercise choices can feel overwhelming. Today I have the pleasure of sharing an article which my trainer, Tallon Martin head trainer at Headwaters Racquet Club has written for us. Tallon is inspiring! He is a firm believer in quality nutrition and physical…

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exercise tips

5 Exercise Tips for Beginners

As this year as progressed, my health has improved drastically! I’ve lost 46 pounds by focusing upon nutrition and exercising regularly. If you’d have asked me last December and if I felt open enough, I would have told you that I was frightened to begin exercising simply because I didn’t know where to begin. The…

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