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Jaime Oliver Roasted Chicken

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Trial Run Chicken

Christmas is only a month away!! Ok that was actually written with a wee bit of fear in my heart as I have TON of things to do before I begin to truly feel the spirit. There is nothing I love more than the roasted turkey dinner on Christmas day but if I’m to be…

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Orange Chai Tea

Orange Chai Tea Recipe – Perfect for the Holidays

The Holiday season is all about making memories with friends and family. As the snow is falling here in Southern Ontario, we are unpacking the snowsuits, toboggans and finding warm drinks to enjoy with friends.  I am a BIG fan of delicious coffees and hot cocoas but sometimes I’m looking for something else; something to…

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cruise with friends slider

Cruise Vacation with Friends – It’s About the Connections

There is an entire world happening out on the blue seas; one that finds massive ships like Carnival Cruise Line’s Conquest cruising around the world. At 110,000 gross tonnes, 1,150 crew members and a capacity for 2,980 guests aboard, the Conquest is a veritable small town on the sea. Within these sea-faring vessels there is so much…

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parkbridge slider

Is Owning a Cottage Out of Your Reach? Maybe Not…

One of my dreams is to own a cottage…oh how we love getting away from it all and relaxing. The reality is that dream is far out of reach for us as the opening rate for cottages in the areas we’d like them is well over $400,000 these days. There is another option though, one…

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soberjulie sydney we day

Taking my Girl to We Day with Team Telus

At the age of 11, Sydney is fast approaching the age when she’ll be avoiding hanging with me. These days I am often greeted by rolled eyes or “le sighs” when I suggest spending time together. When I was offered the chance to attend We Day in Toronto with Team Telus Advocates I knew this…

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ontario pioneer camp open air chalet

First Time at Summer Camp…How This Mama Got Homesick

This year for the very first time my kids went to sleep away summer camp! After doing a ton of research and encouraging the girls that they could do this…we booked for a week at Ontario Pioneer Camp in Muskoka. This happened to fall smack-dab during a time when my husband would be away for…

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From Couch to 5 Km in 6 Weeks? Learning to Jog Wasn’t Easy

Being of sound mind at the age of 42 one would think that I’d have a CLUE when it comes to making decisions right? Well, apparently I have times when my sanity is in question. Case in point: this summer I was invited by Erica Ehm of Yummy Mummy Club (a fantastic online publication which…

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Kicking Anxiety’s Butt…One Positive Thought at a Time

Stress is a bitch! There are no 2 ways about it, and yes I’m using foul language today because it just bloody feels right. Stress comes with anxiety for me and this is the silent enemy that can steal the joy from my life without me realizing until it’s far too late. Throughout the years…

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