Willing to Go to Any Length

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I hate socks! Having a back injury makes it a real bitch to get my socks on or readjust them. I’m so over winter and longing for my sandals. Ahhhh the ease of slipping into my Sketchers or Birks…..alas I know it’s still a few months away, in the meantime I shall continue hating socks.
Don’t even ask me about tights or pantyhose, my eldest saw me putting on pantyhose once and fell onto the bed in a fit of laughter. She told me I looked like a stuffed sausage.
Spanx?? Are you people mad? I’d buy a different pair of slacks instead, seriously I would.
Why am I talking about socks? Because I’m freezing!!! All the time.
It’s March, was lovely and sunny here today, in fact it’s supposed to be 12 degrees Celsius here tomorrow but I know I will be cold. I have an under active thyroid and what that means to me is that I’m tired all the time, my hair falls out and I am cold most of the time. So yeah I hate socks and rely upon them, my super UN SEXY fleece robe, heating blanket and up to 3 baths a day to warm up.

Wine Used to Warm Me UP

Wine used to warm me up…..I would come in from work, have a bath and pour a wine.
The evenings were easier in those early moments….and warmer.
The fall out wasn’t.
The shame, the despair, the deep pit which was the progression of my disease taking over my life.
Now I’ll put on layer upon layer and just take a bit of pleasure in HATING socks.

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    Socks suck. I gave up years ago. I never wear matched ones because I can't ever find a matched set. Now my daughter does the same thing. I just figure as long as I have something on my feet I'm covered. As for spanx? I tried it once but it only shoved my muffin top up to my neck, so those were thrown out. Haven't worn panythose in years, and yes I would rather buy a bigger size too! I do suffer from Reynaud's Syndrom so my hands and feet are always cold. I sleep with a heated mattress pad, the best thing when you turn in on an hour before you crawl in. So glad you're sober today and hang in there, soon you'll be slipping into those cute sandals before you know it :)

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