Mocktail Recipe with Cocktail Deeva

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When my eldest daughter was about 3 she took great joy in announcing “there’s Mama’s store” each time we drove pass the LCBO.

Of course we laughed at her, enjoying her noticing the world around us, but in my gut I hated the fact that my wee girl noticed the store where I bought my wine. To be fair she called the Beer Store my husband’s store and he only drank one or two beers a week, but as a Mom who was considering buying stocks because of how much I spent in the LCBO it home in an uncomfortable way.

Having not shopped in the LCBO in quite a while I hadn’t given it much thought until recently when I heard about their Deflate the Elephant campaign. This campaign’s slogan is “Drinking and driving should never be the elephant in the room.”

The Deflate the Elephant website has lots of information, tips for being a responsible host, mocktails, risks information and more.

As many of you know I am developing a Thirsty Thursday feature where I will be sharing some of my favorite mocktails!! I hope to begin this feature next Thursday and in the mean time I’m happy to share with you a fabulous mocktail recipe video created by my friend Dee of Cocktail Deeva for Deflate the Elephant.


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