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With just 2 shopping days left the stores are jammed and we’re frantically finishing up our shopping. If you’re looking for an amazing toy for kids, I’ve got one for you!!

HexbugIf you haven’t heard of HEXBUG, they are amazing creatures! HEXBUG was designed to give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age and when I was offered the chance to review them I jumped at it!

Our little Sydney isn’t easy to shop for, she doesn’t dig Barbie’s or other “girlie” toys and I thought this might be the answer for her!

The day they arrived Sydney was totally jazzed to see that she’d actually been sent something to review. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen her so engrossed in a gift she’s received.

hexbug Nano

The generous people at HEXBUG sent us the HEXBUG Nano Elevation Habitat Set & the Glows in the Dark HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set.

These sets are perfect for Sydney’s age (7), they’re easy to put together and take apart. They have many different pieces which allow her to be creative and rearrange them as her mood fits….of course Hubby really wanted to help when we first unpacked them.

HEXBUG Nano Elevation Habitat Set comes with 2 extremely rare Nano mutations and 52 easy connect pieces, giving you the freedom to get creative and customize your habitat. Fav Feature: Using the support pieces she can build different levels and be independent of us.

The Glows in the Dark HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set has everything you need to build your own Glows in the Dark HEXBUG Nano habitat, including 2 extremely rare Nano mutations that glow in the dark!

The bugs come in little containers which Sydney is calling their “homes”, I call them great storage…hoping they don’t get left out all over the house because she’s carrying these wee vibrating bugs with her all the time now.

This is the perfect gift for a child who loves to investigate how things work and frankly one who gets bored easily. Usually Syd will spend 5 minutes with something new and then lose interest. With HEXBUGS she’s spending over an hour at a time building, rebuilding and just plain enjoying doing the mathematical work of making a highway for them.

 The sets also have little gaps which you cover with flaps when there isn’t a track attached, Sydney has taken to leave these gaps open and watching the bugs fall over the side……that’s my girl!


Thank you HEXBUG for making our hard to shop for daughter so happy!!!

You can find Hexbug online here, on Twitter and on Facebook too.

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