Wordless Wednesday ~ change

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Today is Wednesday and I will do my best to be “Wordless”

We all know that’s impossible….here is what we woke to here in suburbia Ontario today…

While the children were making ear-splitting noises of joy I was not, possibly because I do not enjoy Winter to put it politely.

 It was truly beautiful though; the dark trees with the snow perched upon their branches with the white sky in the background…beautiful but cold.

And then I saw something which struck me.

It’s something which portrays the beauty of change for me.

Among those snow flakes there is something else, something which isn’t easy to see.

Isn’t that always the way with change?

If you look close enough you can see the beauty of the past within even the grandest display of change.

If you look closely it’s there…..in this pic it was the fall leaves which I had no idea were there.

These leaves which hang are difficult to see there among the signs of Winter and in them I found myself reflecting….on the memories our little family has made this year.

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  1. says

    I do not do wordless Wednesdays as it is hard for me to be wordless some days lol too. Love the pics :)

    You should add this to a linky if you do not already
    My Organized Chaos
    and mom vs the boys have them :) Link up

  2. says

    that was a lot of words! Good ones of course. ;)

    We tend to see the change when the leaves are already on the ground, but rarely do we see the change when they are still dangling from the tree. Loved the beauty in this post.


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