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I’m quite talented when it comes to posing for photos.

This one of me in the Fall at Blissdom Canada certainly shows all of my best sides.

Papillon Eastern Import

Yes friends, I am FABULOUS!

It takes some effort to successfully layer and tilt the chin just so to hide the bulges which have appeared upon my lithe frame over the past 2 years.

 Every photo I see of myself which is taken candidly makes me cringe.

I am determined to change how I look and how I feel.

When you’re overweight it exasperates health issues and I’m sick of it.

I began a healthy eating focus January 1st and will be using Wordless Wednesday to update my progress…even if it’s at the bottom of a post.

And so here is what I want to look and feel like, this was late 2008 and I was this size up into 2010.

Fit and Healthy

I was jogging regularly and while that’s out of my reach today I can control my eating habits and get daily exercise!

So today I’m being brave, here’s my before photo which was taken this summer. I don’t have a more recent candid one…excuse my Grannie suit which seems to have dipped in the cleavage area…

Before Weight loss


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  1. 1

    You ARE fabulous, and motivation comes in many ways, including crazy photos of ourselves! You can do it, girlie. I have lost almost 25 lbs since May, and it feels great. I hope to lose about 20 more. Go Julie Go!
    It’s OK to be WEIRD! recently posted..WW: Holiday Breakfast Table {linky}My Profile

  2. 3

    You are still absolutely beautiful…

    Good Luck with reaching your goals!
    Jody recently posted..Cuddles with Grammy ~ Wordless Wednesday with LinkyMy Profile

  3. 4

    you are beautiful :)
    tarasview recently posted..$500 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!My Profile

  4. 5

    You look fab! I understand what you mean about those dreaded photos that are taken when you aren’t aware & posing. They are rarely flattering! Good luck with your weight loss goals. I’m sure you can do it!
    Merry120 recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Window Art with LinkyMy Profile

  5. 6

    you are lovely, and I am rooting for you to reach all of your goals. I like the accountability you are putting on yourself…always helpful. :)

    Love you!
    robin recently posted..Farewell, friendMy Profile

  6. 7

    I thought you looked great at Blissdom, however kudos to you for doing what makes you feel better about yourself. I’m on that train myself.
    Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves recently posted..Beach Weather: Wednesday of Few WordsMy Profile

  7. 8

    I think you are one beautiful gal inside and out, Julie!!! You can do this without question! Go go go! :):)

  8. 9

    You look great to me, though I know how you feel (been there, still got the Michelins, LOL!)
    Erika Price {Linky} recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – City of GhostsMy Profile

  9. 10

    I remember that Picture for Blissdom :)
    You are such a beautiful person Julie! we will reach our goals together!
    Jennifer Hunt recently posted..A reflection on 2011My Profile

  10. 11

    you are definitely fab and I am right there with you with eating right and getting healthy!

  11. 12

    What funny perceptions we have of ourselves. I can hardly stand to have a camera pointed at me, but I think you are gorgeous and I was surprised to read you don’t like to have your picture taken. I’m eating healthy and exercising this year too. Hopefully we will both feel great!
    Canadian Mom Blogger recently posted..College students: Save money and rent your textbooks!My Profile

  12. 13

    You are fab and lovely. But I hear you about health and wanting to feel better. I have about 30 pounds to lose to get to my comfortable weight, where I have good energy and can cut my toenails myself. But I have lacked the will power to stick to it.

    Maybe you can inspire me?

  13. 14

    First, you look totally smokin hot in that first photo. You should wear that outfit everyday.
    Good for you for starting the year off right. I plan to lose 25 lbs myself this Winter/Spring. Although it didn’t help that I just downed a handful of Hershey Kisses. But seriously, can you blame me? They’re Hershey Kisses!!!!!
    Mark recently posted..I hate my new cameraMy Profile

  14. 16

    That top photo is styling!!!
    alissa apel recently posted..WW: Native American {Linky}My Profile

  15. 18

    While my daughter has been my salvation, she has also wrecked my once relatively smokin’ hot bod!
    This year for me, is about health. If I lose some weight by making healthier choices (like I make my daughter do) and being more active by playing…then so be it! :) it sure would be a plus!

  16. 20

    You’re lookin’ hot!! Love that outfit! Just linked up Hardly a Housewife, my first time joining your linky.
    Christy Ann recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: AmazingMy Profile

  17. 21

    you looked stunning at the fall conferences! stunning!
    Jennifer recently posted..Stopain Cold for the First Aid Kit {Giveaway}My Profile

  18. 22

    Julie, I have to say that when I saw you at SCCTO, I was blown away. You just looked so fabulous! Thanks for sharing this post. It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately too. 2012 is going to be our year to shine, lady.
    Christine (@chancesmommy) recently posted..Doggy Basket for Our Canine Baby #CBias #iLoveMyK9My Profile

  19. 23

    You can do it!!! Christmas hit me HARD, so should I say I hit the sweets hard… And after hitting a weight last summer that I have not seen in years (and was so happy) I have been slowly creeping back up again. I totally need to get my but in gear too!
    Little Miss Kate recently posted..WW – Look what Santa left under the treeMy Profile

  20. 24

    Love that outfit. I NEVER look so pulled together. Candid shot or posed. I’m betting you’ll be jogging again in no time.
    Jamie recently posted..Musing on change. Is a penny’s worth, worth anything?My Profile

  21. 25

    I can remember seeing you at SCCTO and thought you were adorable.

    Good luck on your journey. I need to start one! Happy New Year.
    Pam recently posted..Our Holiday Family Fun with Dell Inspiron 2320 All-In-OneMy Profile

  22. 26

    Kudos to you for being brave AND making a vow to get healthy! You ARE fabulous!
    Greta @gfunkified recently posted..A Deadly Combination. #iPPPMy Profile

  23. 27

    Julie that is so awesome! I am also still on the journey to getting fit and I think using Wordless Wednesday to post how your doing is a fantastic idea, almost like a weekly check in. I may join you and be as brave and post a picture! Maybe we can give each other some positive support!

  24. 28

    I think this is something most of us, and definitely I, can relate to. Good for you for putting everything out here. I’m sure 2012 will be the year you take back your body!
    Miss Marina Star recently posted..The Best Kind of DozenMy Profile

  25. 29

    OMG girl, lets get a support group going because since Blissdom, I’ve gained like 15 pounds and that’s tons on my frame and height. I need to do the same! Either way though, you are beautiful and the candid pictures that I have of you are fabulous, just sayin’!
    Nancy Polanco recently posted..Sisterly Love is Like No Other.My Profile

  26. 30

    You are an inspiration!
    I look forward to seeing your updates and using you as my motivation!
    Leighann recently posted..On January 4th…My Profile

  27. 31

    I have got to say you do indeed look fabulous in your Blissdom photo. But I totally get what you’re saying. Here’s to a fantastic 2012 and a body you feel comfy in. Best of luck lady.
    Deanna T. recently posted..Buried in a good book (or thirty). { Wordless Wednesday }My Profile

  28. 32

    I so want to get into shape before Spring… k, maybe summer. Definitely by summer. I wish I had a walking buddy….
    Shash recently posted..My experience with Credit Unions! #myownbankMy Profile

  29. 33

    The bigger the smile the bigger the beauty. I think you look fabulous:)
    SassyModernMom recently posted..Awkward Moments Courtesy Of Granny?My Profile

  30. 34

    Go {beautiful} you!

    I’m back on track, too! Support each other, yes?

    Galit Breen recently posted..Sweetness and LightMy Profile

  31. 35

    I’m always afraid to set getting into shape goals for myself. Maybe I’ll get more motivation and courage by watching your progress. Good luck to you!
    Kapaldo Family recently posted..MemoriesMy Profile

  32. 36

    You looked beautiful at Blissdom Julie! I loved that coat!! I need to get out walking but hate the winter..
    Jennifer – Canadian Coupon Mom recently posted..Wordless Wednesday January 4th,2012My Profile

  33. 37

    You look gorg girl! Good luck on your adventure! You are so brave and I truly do admire you for what you are doing!
    Multi-Testing Mommy recently posted..Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 1 (with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation)My Profile


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