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I am fortunate to live in Canada where we have good health care for the most part. This has enabled me to become a patient at a fantastic Pain Management Clinic. I go there bi-weekly to see a specialist who has taught me about my pain and is exploring methods to deal with it.

Please do not look any further if you have a queasy stomach…….needles are involved.




Hopefully I’ve left enough lines, for those with weak stomachs.

There’s nothing pretty about this.

Hubby was with me this week so I managed to get photos of one of the methods we’re trying, the photos pretty much speak for themselves.

Nerve Pain Block Back

 The doctor injects a Nerve Pain Block into areas he identifies from my pain reports.

Nerve Pain Block2So many places…and it HURTS!

So far the results are good, it feels like I’m numb from the dentist but all over my head/neck….but not everywhere and it’s often like the pain just moves.

This one is the worst for pain, I struggle to sit still.

Nerve Pain Block

What extent will I go to in order to relieve the pain?

Not too sure yet, if you’d asked me 2 years ago if I’d ever line up for facial injections I’d have laughed in your face!

I have hope and really, these are very cool photos to have to brag!


  1. 1

    Do you pay out of pocket for these? I could really benefit from injections like this.
    Pam recently posted..What does the year ahead hold for these people?My Profile

  2. 3

    How are they working? I’ve gotten lumbar epidurals, but they didn’t help much. Best of luck with the nerve shots. I hope you wind up pain-free AND have these kick ass photos to boot.
    K A B L O O E Y recently posted..Is It Just Me? Vol. 23My Profile

  3. 5

    wow. That is intense hon. I hope it really helps! xox
    tarasview recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Game Face LINKYMy Profile

  4. 6

    Oh my, ouch! But it it helps, I guess its very much worth it.
    Dagmar recently posted..Wordless Wednesday — Touching a DolphinMy Profile

  5. 7

    Oh wow, looks painful! Hope that are working for you! Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Baby E!
    Trisha G. recently posted..2500 Fan Giveaway and Auction is Here!My Profile

  6. 8

    Whoa, I don’t think I could do that. You warned me, but I still looked. Silly me.
    I hope it works for you. That makes it worth it.
    kewkew recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: January 11, 2012 (w/linky): First AidMy Profile

  7. 10

    Oh, Julie! That looks so painful. Hope you’re feeling better.
    Diana – Teacher Mom recently posted..Republic of Doyle Season Premiere – Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  8. 11

    Oy! Honey, I’m not sure I could do that – but I guess if the pain is that great, it’s worth it right? When I was trying to conceive ds3, I tried acupuncture – VERY difficult for me! I don’t like needles.
    Multi-Testing Mommy recently posted..Snowman Craft and Canadian Deals via Kahoot KidsMy Profile

  9. 13

    Wow. I had tons of questions, but seems everyone who commented asked what I wanted to know. I hope your pain is somewhat relieved. Hugs, sister!
    Christine @chancesmommy recently posted..Thank You, Fisher-Price! Keeping Your Child Occupied in the Cold Winter MonthsMy Profile

  10. 14

    wow that looks painful I don’t know if I could do it. But if it works its amazing what we will try… I hope it helps :)
    Jennifer – Canadian Coupon Mom recently posted..Embarking on a Journey of Good HealthMy Profile

  11. 15

    oh how horrible!!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Wrestlemania {Linky}My Profile

  12. 16

    That just illustrates how miserable the pain must be. I’m so sorry!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..He Ain’t Right, But He’s My Brother – WWMy Profile

  13. 18

    I hope that gives you some relief!
    Katie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – LoveMy Profile

  14. 19

    Ouch!! Many virtual hugs! I am blessed not to have chronic pain yet but I know those shots have to hurt, yeowch!
    Candace recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Got Yummy?My Profile

  15. 20

    Yweoch!! Hope it’s helping you out though!
    Alison recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sears Dragster Pedal CarMy Profile

  16. 21
    Katrina Brady says:

    I’m glad you’ve found something that works. I could not do this though. I can’t look at the t.v even when they are talking about getting flu shots!

  17. 22

    I would be in heaven if I could try any type of pain management. I wish I had insurance! I am glad you get some relief from it!
    Not So Average Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ Responsibility with Linky!My Profile

  18. 24

    I hope they work for you and great job sitting still, I think I would have to be tied down.
    Stacey recently posted..HonibeMy Profile

  19. 25

    Wow. So how long before you have to have more injections? You are brave, but almost anything is better than chronic pain. {{{hugs}}}

  20. 27

    Ouch! I hate needles but had to look anyway. I am so sorry you have to go through this Julie! I hope these start to help alleviate some of the pain you are suffering. ((HUGS))
    Dawn C recently posted..W/W – My Spaghetti SauceMy Profile

  21. 28

    Wow those needles look freaky but I’m glad it seems like a promising help to stop pain!
    Christi recently posted..Shopping Smart in 2012My Profile

  22. 29

    Omigosh. That looks very painful but, I’m glad they are helping you!
    Nancy recently posted..The Secret Holocaust Diaries: Nonna BannisterMy Profile

  23. 30

    Ouch! But a little bit of pain to get rid of a lot of pain is definitely worth it. I hope it helps!!
    Amy recently posted..Hot Totsy Sale on Kid’s Boots and MoreMy Profile

  24. 31

    Wow! I hope they help!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work recently posted..Brother and Sister Love w/wMy Profile

  25. 32

    Kasandria Reasoner recently posted..Capone’s Kissimmee’s Premium Dinner ShowMy Profile

  26. 33
    Carolyn g says:


  27. 34

    I hope you are able to get help at the clinic – Pain is one of the most difficult things to treat as no 2 patients are the same
    Little Miss Kate recently posted..WW – Great-GrandmaMy Profile

  28. 35

    I’ve always wanted to try botox in the back of my neck for my allergies/sinus issues. I heard that it actually helps.

    I hope your pain gets better!
    alissa apel recently posted..WW – Yellow SubmarineMy Profile

  29. 36

    This definitely indicates how intense your pain is. From a Nurse’s perspective, I can see the benefits…but I don’t know if I could bring myself to do something like this. I like giving needles, not getting them (even though I’ve had loads pierced and tatted)…
    Cyber Hugs for the pain!!
    Cee@SmookieStyle recently posted..Honibe Honey Lozenges – A ReviewMy Profile

  30. 37

    I don’t know if I could do it….. looks painful but if the pain is awful to begin with I would try anything to relieve it!
    Brandy recently posted..Low Price Eye Glasses GuaranteedMy Profile

  31. 38

    I really hope it helps!! Pain is so hard to deal with!
    melissa recently posted..Flash Giveaway ThursdayMy Profile

  32. 39

    I hope these give you some relief
    Jessica recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Great Things Come in Small PackagesMy Profile

  33. 40

    I miss my trigger point injections and I sure hope I can get back in soon now that the boys are here!
    Jenna @ For The Love of Baby! recently posted..Wordless Wednesday:Who’s Who….My Profile

  34. 41

    I hope it helps!

  35. 42

    Aww Julie to think that you have to sit through pain to avoid more pain is just so sad. If it is giving you a better quality of life it is worth it, still I feel for you hon. Hugs.
    Positively Pampered Patty recently posted..Hey Baby I’m going to VegasMy Profile

  36. 43

    That looks very painful and terrifying! My doctor actually suggested yesterday that I get this same thing for nerve pain in my by back and I was like…NO way!
    Misadventurous Mommy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Our New Family Members!My Profile

  37. 44

    While it’s not really a nice procedure, I’m glad you are able to get some relief from your chronic pain. So nice that you can take advantage of good health care there too!
    TerriAnn recently posted..Win a Kindle Fire and $75 Amazon Gift Card, Giveaway Ends 1/24My Profile

  38. 45

    Wow. That looks really painful…and you definitely deserve bragging rights for continuing to do it!
    Tracie recently posted..They Are Jumbo, Baby!My Profile

  39. 46

    Ouch! I don’t know if I would be game for that but I hope they help you feel better!!
    Beth recently posted..Save Money in 2012My Profile

  40. 47

    Wow, that looks so painful, but I am so glad it seems to be helping! Good for you for posting those!
    Amanda recently posted..Pinterest Find of the Day!My Profile


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