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I am fortunate to live in Canada where we have good health care for the most part. This has enabled me to become a patient at a fantastic Pain Management Clinic. I go there bi-weekly to see a specialist who has taught me about my pain and is exploring methods to deal with it.

Please do not look any further if you have a queasy stomach…….needles are involved.




Hopefully I’ve left enough lines, for those with weak stomachs.

There’s nothing pretty about this.

Hubby was with me this week so I managed to get photos of one of the methods we’re trying, the photos pretty much speak for themselves.

Nerve Pain Block Back

 The doctor injects a Nerve Pain Block into areas he identifies from my pain reports.

Nerve Pain Block2So many places…and it HURTS!

So far the results are good, it feels like I’m numb from the dentist but all over my head/neck….but not everywhere and it’s often like the pain just moves.

This one is the worst for pain, I struggle to sit still.

Nerve Pain Block

What extent will I go to in order to relieve the pain?

Not too sure yet, if you’d asked me 2 years ago if I’d ever line up for facial injections I’d have laughed in your face!

I have hope and really, these are very cool photos to have to brag!

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  1. Katrina Brady says

    I’m glad you’ve found something that works. I could not do this though. I can’t look at the t.v even when they are talking about getting flu shots!

  2. says

    This definitely indicates how intense your pain is. From a Nurse’s perspective, I can see the benefits…but I don’t know if I could bring myself to do something like this. I like giving needles, not getting them (even though I’ve had loads pierced and tatted)…
    Cyber Hugs for the pain!!
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