Our Beautiful Boxer Miss Cocoa Bean

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It has struck me that I’ve been remiss in sharing one member of our family’s Christmas!

For those who haven’t met her, Miss Cocoa Bean is a valued member of our family, she’s loving and loyal and I cannot believe that I’ve forgotten to include her in my articles here recently!

We added Cocoa into our family in the Spring of 2009

Boxer Puppy Comes HomeTo say I fell in love immediately would be the understatement of the year.

Cuddling Boxer PuppyShe’s been involved in every aspect of our family life, most of our cherished memories include her.

1st day of school wouldn’t have been the same without Cocoa.

1st Day of School

When we decided to breed Miss Cocoa Bean I don’t think we realized just how much joy this would bring us!

She was an amazing mother.

Boxer Breeding

My heart goes squishy when I remember those amazing 8 weeks.

Boxer Puppies Playing

Each Christmas she brings us amusement with her reaction to the gifts Santa brings her.

Dog ShoesSometimes we even manage to snap a good photo of her when she slows down

Christmas Tree More often Cocoa is too busy playing with all of her presents, Santa loves to spoil her!

Boxer playing

And so Miss Cocoa Bean, thank you for sharing all of our memories with us, please don’t eat anymore food off of the counters in 2012!

and stop looking at me like that!

Boxer Stare


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    What a beautiful dog and what fun pictures! I alternate between wanting a dog so much it my heart aches and realizing we can’t do that to our very old cat. One day. Until then, I enjoy posts like this :)
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