Reptile Party – Wordless Wednesday w/Linky

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Reptile party - holding terantulaWe held a reptile party for my daughter’s 6th birthday recently ….let’s just say I got in on the action.

Have I mentioned I want a snake now?

Party Mom2

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    Eeeeeeeeek! You are one brave lady!!! I’m terrified of arachnids and any kind of creepy crawly thing. Ha! Yet I live in the countryside, where all of these creatures dwell! Okay, just got goosebumps thinking of creepy crawlies! :) xoxox

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    we have a snake he loves to cuddle my neck, and coils around my morning coffee mug too. So easy to care for too! I really love ours, a california king snake, he’s calm and moves slowly, so he doesn’t spook the kids.
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