Valentine Heart Crayon Craft, Thank You Pinterest

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In January I announced I have No Hope of Winning the SuperMom Title…well back that truck up friends because Julie’s on a roll here!

Yes it’s true, I’ve redeemed myself. It’s like I’ve been possessed by Mrs. McCrafty and I have Pinterest to thank for my daughter’s admiration. If you shied away from the computer screen when you read the word Pinterest then you know what I mean when I say it sucks time like I used to eat old cheddar cheese!

Seriously this site is amazing, essentially it’s a photo/link sharing site where you create “boards” which you title and you can “Pin” all the photos across the Internet you dig. This is great for recipes and crafts because the photo actually contains a link to the website it originates from, allowing you to access instructions.

Sounds great until you factor in my complete inability when it comes to crafty things.

This one time I managed to complete a craft successfully and it only cost me approximately 1225566 hours on Pinterest to do so!

The Craft: Valentine Heart Crayons

I don’t know the original source for this craft, I’m sorry I can’t give credit.

Step 1: Find all of the broken crayons in the house

Valentine Crayon

Step 2: Remove the paper from the crayons, this is a real pain so eventually we got wise and soaked them in warm water to help

Valentine Crayon heart

Step 3: Spray a silicone heart pan with cooking spray and fill to desired level with crayon pieces

Crayon Heart

Step 4: Place silicone pan onto baking sheet (in case of overflow) and put in over preheated to 200 degrees F

Valentine Crayon heart in oven

Step 5: Cook for 10 minutes or until crayons are all melted and remove to cool

Valentine Crayon cooling

Step 6: Carefully peel the crayons from the silicone and Viola, Julie is Brilliant in the eyes of her daughters!!


Whew, redeemed at last!!

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    I have done this but not with hearts. I love this idea. Looks like you didn’t even have to crush them up too much. That’s good news. When we did this I grated them because I thought that was how they needed to be done to melt. This looks much easier. That’s good news. I will take a stab at this again with whatever I have here in my muffin tins.
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