Guess who is having Tea with OWN Canada & Going to Oprah #LifeClass?

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LifeClass-OprahI’m an Oprah fan, I feel like I have been since birth but it’s probably more accurate to say since my high-school years. Yes I’m often found buying books because they have the Oprah seal of approval and choosing Christmas presents because I saw them on the Favorite Things show. Well, I suppose that’s all in the past now that Oprah’s off the air….or is it?

There are certain television programs which I watch loyally and when Oprah ended I was disappointed. A few months ago,  I sat scrolling through the 600+ channels on satellite TV and nothing to watch! And then…. what to my wondering eyes appeared???

Why it’s OWN Canada!!

Shaddup, the Oprah Winfrey Network has FINALLY come to Canada….why didn’t I know about this? Apparently normal folks pick up on these HUGE announcements all over the internet but I was behind on this one.

Thankfully I’d stumbled across a free preview for the OWN Canada network and of course I whipped open Twitter and began contacting OWN, gushing my thanks.

Oprah-LifeclassNext I went to the OWN Canada website and found Oprah’s LifeClass. It’s Oprah’s latest series where she reveals lessons she’s found valuable over her 25 years on television, I’ve devoured the videos of past shows and have been moved deeply.

“In order to ignite passion you have to be exposed, get outta the boat Peter!~Bishop T.D. Jakes”

The Bishop is speaking my language.

Oprah’s LifeClass is coming to Toronto on Monday and I’m going to be there!!!!

On April 16, Oprah takes the stage for her first live show ever from Canada—and it’s the largest Lifeclass event yet! Author Iyanla Vanzant, business and life strategist Tony Robbins, Bishop T.D. Jakes and spiritualist Deepak Chopra teach the world’s largest classroom about the power of forgiveness and give viewers the tools they need to break free of the past and take control of the future. Tune in to OWN and log on to or at 8/7c. Read More.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, as you all know I’m all about the power of change and forgiveness!!!
Today just got better and better; I’ve been honored with an invitation to Afternoon Tea from OWN Canada? Yes friends, it’s true! Obviously I’m excited to enjoy the fabulous Fairmont Royal York Hotel’s Afternoon Tea but it is exciting to be meeting the people behind OWN Canada!
Now I’m off to my parent’s house to be reminded of acceptable etiquette.

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  1. Lynda M O says

    Do us proud now, Julie. All us sober moms who have been down the road of bad-ituda and have returned intact or, as in my case, Even Better than before. And I know that’s true for you too. Go girl, hug that Oprah and let her hug you; I bet she’s a class A hugger. And I know you are too. Go for the intimate moments and love the opportunity.

    Ok that’s all my advice-you’ll be GRrrrrEAT.


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