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Happy FRIDAY!!! It’s been a tough week, after the long weekend I found I have been exhausted and not feeling up-to-snuff so I’ve been pretty quite. Quiet doesn’t always mean I’m slacking though, my brain has been at work. Here at Sober Julie Doing Life I share my journey with the World and try not to concentrate on just one area of my life….not every post is about being an alcoholic.

Back in my drinking days I subconsciously knew my relationship with alcohol wasn’t normal. The need I had for those weekend bevvies was far more important than the average bear but I stuck my head in the sand, telling myself I wasn’t lying in a ditch with a brown bottle so I was fine. I had a job, a family and an alcoholic couldn’t function like I was …..could they?

The fact is that I was (and am) an alcoholic and my perspective at the time was skewed. I can remember researching it online and being overwhelmed by the choices of sites dealing with the subject matter. I didn’t come across a site that dealt with all aspects of alcoholism, sure there were the treatment sites, the sites packed with statistics but where the heck were the sites that gave an alcoholic some hope?

This week I sat down and hashed out an idea for a website, one that I hope will make a difference to people who are living the sober life as well as those who are just plain lost right now.

Life-Without-AlcoholLife Without Alcohol

Our primary purpose is to dispel the stigma of alcoholism by sharing factual information, resources and stories of people in recovery. It’s proven that by sharing we can heal and provide hope for a better life.

We live in a society where drinking alcohol is acceptable, we’re surrounded by it. From commercials on TV to social gatherings alcohol is a part of everyday living in North America and yet one in nine people suffer from alcohol dependency.

For the person who suffers with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol even considering abstaining is a bleak thought which keeps us from realizing the true purpose of our lives.

So many of us flounder around looking for resources to help ourselves or those in our lives who battle the disease of alcoholism and Life Without Alcohol is here to help!

I’ve also created a Facebook Page which I’d love you to join to help spread the message. Alcoholism is an under-discussed disease, full of incorrect perceptions and judgement which we MUST dispel in order to help others while helping ourselves!

If you don’t have an alcohol issue in your life I’m sure you know someone who does, please share this website and Facebook page… never know who may need it.


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  1. says

    There are never enough resources and creating this new site will be of definite benefit for those needing support or those wanting to offer it. Thumbs up Julie

  2. says

    Oh, wonderful Julie. How this is your calling, and you heard it.

    You are going to help so many people. Some who will remain silent and you will never hear from him.

    But believe me, there will be so many people you will give a glimmer of hope to, people who right now are saying, ” I hope someday I can say I live without alcohol.”

    Bless this page, bless this site, bless all of your sincere endeavors.

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