Bald IS Beautiful

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soberjulieYesterday was THE BIG DAY, I had arranged the fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Toronto to be held at a local restaurant….there was nothing left to do.

Companies were amazingly generous with silent auction prizes, the tables would be jammed with FAB items but would anyone come?? As the morning passed I tried to ignore these thoughts, thankfully the kids and last minute prep kept me busy so I didn’t lose my mind worrying.

I couldn’t stop to think for a second that this was the day I’d be bald.

This was the first day in a long time that I actually liked my hair, how typical is that? For once I thought it looked very sharp…..much like I feel with that last bite of brownie….sad but resigned to it.


So Hubby and I left for the restaurant where I found some friends waiting for us, thankfully @BewilderedBug and her husband along with @MapsGirl and @BigDaddyKreativ were ready to help set up!

After some quick work we had set up 2 silent auction tables, decorations and flowers…..and then the people began coming. Relief flooded through me as I saw all of the lovely, friendly faces of my family and friends. My fears of standing alone amidst the auction prizes were gone and I was enjoying socializing while ignoring that clock ticking down to the big shave.

Bald IS Beautiful!

3:30pm arrived and I took a deep breath…..these photos are not the best will speak for me now…

To everyone who helped I thank you……the generosity of people has touched me to the core, from those who donated on social media to businesses to the people in my community…..the families who need Ronald McDonald House Toronto are blessed to have you!

I’ll be sharing more about the event and how it feels to be bald….but for today I’m exhausted….which means it’s time to be quiet.


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    So awesome! I’m so glad Ronald McDonald House is in the larger location now. I spent two weeks at the Delta Chelsea because there was no room at it (the new house opened a couple weeks after my baby Kyle passed away).

    Look forward to meeting you in person at SCCTO!

    Cindy (@canadiancindyb)
    Cindy recently posted..Retail Price Adjustments in CanadaMy Profile

  2. says

    Totally awesome that you did this! You are an inspiration to all of us and I’m proud to know someone with the courage that you have! You look great by the way!


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