Help Me Promote My Wacky Kids – Ellen Might See It!

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Recently I asked my girls if they’d like me to do an interview with them for my blog….they jumped at the chance!

After waiting patiently for them to plan their outfits and characters for a very long time, they emerged ready as I put on a straight face.

I had no idea where this would go and was seriously amused by them. Who knew they’d go on an Ellen kick?

My apologies to my children in future years, I had to share your creativity!!

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  1. Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice says

    Absolutely love it. It brought back so many memories. I did the same thing with my kids …….. except…. it was just an audio interview ( before the “tech” age) , was conducted on Christmas morning, and it was about 30 years ago. The type of “interview”, the cadence of your voice , the whole thing was chillingly reminiscent of that day. Oh, yeah, love the panties on her head….. can tell you were kind enough to let the “kids” be “kids” . Thanks, you really made me smile!

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