The Scoop 2-Way Brewer – Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Extraordinaire

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Hamilton Beach The Scoop 2-Way BrewerAs a coffee lover (possibly too much of a lover of the java) I value a fine cup of joe. We have owned a gazillion coffee makers over the year but it wasn’t until my new Hamilton Beach coffee maker arrived that I found the best of all worlds.

Other coffee makers either didn’t brew a good hot cup of coffee, , dripped all over the counter when pouring a cup, left grounds in the cup instead of the pot and we’d often have to make an entire pot even if we wanted just 1 cup.

The Scoop 2-Way Brewer put an end to this. It combines the ease of a single serve machine with the control over coffee quality and volume which comes with pot style coffee makers.


  • Two ways to brew – Single cup with unique The Scoop™ filter or up to 12 cups in glass carafe12 Cup Coffeemaker
  • Programmable timer with 2 hour automatic shutoff
  • Regular or bold brew strength
  • Automatic pause & serve1 Cup Single Serve
  • Brews up to 14 ozs. in travel mug (included) or adjusts to fit a shorter cup
  • Programmable timer with automatic shutoff
  • Unique scoop measures and filters coffee

With the amount of coffee we go through in our home I wanted to use this coffee maker for some time before I reviewed it. I can honestly say it’s a fantastic machine which has not yet disappointed.

I’m able to brew a single delicious cup of coffee for myself in minutes using fresh ground beans using the unique scoop provided (below left photo)  or I slip in the pod insert and brew from pods (below right photo). Please note k cups don’t fit, it’s for pod use only.

The coffee brews piping hot every time and my husband is happy that he can have his preference of coffee while I brew a pot for myself.There is no dripping carafe, no grounds in the cup, we can make 1 cup (any size) or a pot and to top it off we can program it to begin brewing before we awake.

The Scoop 2 Way is the perfect choice for our family, we often entertain friends and the pot allows me to make enough coffee for coffee-based Mocktails.

Bravo to Hamilton Beach for this invention, it’s about time we can clear our kitchen counter tops of multiple coffee makers!

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  1. pam says

    I take my coffee very seriously – this looks and sounds like a great maker, which offers options for the user. Must investigate a little further:)

  2. Sab Edwards says

    looks nice but I have a bunn machine and get 12 cups in about 2.5 minutes, and although I should replace the machine, I am not certain I want to switch brands unless I can find out just as fast (my machine is mega old, prob 20 yrs old now, and is a cafe model which could actually hold 2 pots on the burners it has)

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