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The New Year has officially begun and with it comes the responsibility of creating fun school lunches my girls will want to eat. Our school is quite strict and won’t allow the children to trade lunches but we’ve often experienced school lunches coming home half eaten because the girls “didn’t like it”.

This month I’ve involved the girls and with the help of a package given to us by Snack Pack it’s gotten easier.I was invited to be a part of Snack Packs “No Tradesies” blog tour and they sent over some tools to help us:

  • two delicious flavors of Snack Pack pudding
  • Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters
  • Happy Spoon
  • mini portable travel speaker
  • lunch bag consisting of a cooler bag and four leak-proof, compartmentalized food containers

Let’s get real here folks, it’s not simple to come up with healthy, entertaining and delicious school lunch ideas. I think I’ve finally found the key, getting the kids involved! It didn’t hurt that they had music playing while they were helping…but hey I can get into that as well.

school lunches

School Lunches Prep

Sydney really enjoyed choosing the shape her sandwich would be cut into, especially when she got to use some brute force!

If you don’t have the special sandwich shape cutters we’re using you can easily achieve a fun shape using cookie cutters. This really is a treat for the kids when they aren’t expecting it in their school lunches.

school lunches

Each girl has chosen their school lunch, right down to type of bread. I was impressed that they put time and consideration into the balance of fruit and veggies.

The Snack Packs make a tasty treat to finish off their lunches and thankfully they didn’t argue over the adorable Happy Spoon because we had 1 other special mini spoon.

They made use of all the space in the lunch container, explaining to me they didn’t like when strawberries touch the bread and make it pink. BRAVO!

You can catch up with Snack Pack Canada on Facebook where they have many tips for creating delicious school lunches.

Win a $50 Snack Pack Prize

One lucky Canadian reader will win a pack that matches the one I received! Entry is simple, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions, winner will be drawn January 30th and have 48 hours to respond.

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I am participating in theSnack Pack “No Tradesies” blog tour by enCompass Media on behalf of Con Agra Foods. Please review my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Haylie Langwald says

    I make a big batch of smoothies and pour them into the small Glad rounds. Throw them into the freezer and in the morning take one out. By lunchtime, it’s thawed!

  2. Nay says

    An awesome school means a lunch that I didn’t throw together last minute! So we prep the night before and make sure to include healthy and fun snacks.

  3. Tara says

    We always prepare lunches night before gets costly when all 3 kids dont like the same things …. Need some new ideas

  4. belinda mcnabb says

    Have your child help make their lunch. If they help they are thrilled with what they have packed and less trouble getting them to eat it

  5. Cathy Tougher says

    I always put a note in my kids lunch bag…Love ya, Work hard, Good luck on your test…or a joke or funny comic . They loved it.

  6. @torlonias says

    The kids love “themed” lunches…. e.g., the TOMATO lunch consists of spaghetti, grape tomatoes, and ketchup chips.

  7. @lizzysdarcy says

    I invested in mini-cupcake and loaf pans. On the weekend, the kids and I will make mini cupcakes or banana/raisin/plum/peach/etc. bread and that’s what they take for lunch as dessert. Since they helped make it, they have ownership on it and I’ve only had empty lunch boxes coming home since doing this!

  8. jen s. says

    instead of just a regular sandwich, use pita bread, or roll it up in a soft tortilla – it helps keep things a bit more interesting and fun – especially when the kids help make it and/or choose the sandwich ingredients

  9. Angela Mitchell says

    One fun treat for lunch are apple sandwiches. We use our apple peeler to core and slice two apple pieces and then we put peanut butter inbetween.

  10. Jeannie says

    I like to decorate their sandwiches with veggies so they resemble a face. I also take the kids shopping for lunch stuff and ask them to help make them with me.

  11. Brianne Hager says

    I homeschool, so my kids have never had a school lunch, but they still enjoy it when I make their food fun to eat. They really like dipping apple slices into peanut butter.

  12. janice budgell pollard says

    A good tip I use is to let them pick what they want to pack for lunches.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  13. Teresa M. says

    Usually on Sundays I bake something a little more healthy. Yesterday I made Pumpkin Raisin Muffins. No white flour…only whole wheat flour and wheat bran.

  14. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    For awesome school lunches I have made sandwiches and cut them into fun shapes with a cookie cutter before packing them into the lunch bags.

  15. eleanor says

    I try to make different types of sandwiches & wraps and add healthy snacks such as veggies with dip and yogurt and fruit.

  16. cathy canton says

    I use a panini maker and make Taco Bell style crunchy wraps for the kids and they love it. It is fast and easy and you can change up the ingredients easy so they don’t get bored.

  17. Andrew B says

    Give a few dip options or flavoring options, like various dressings for salads or vegetables, or peanut butter for celery or apples!

  18. Brenda Penton says

    Instead of buying Lunch-Mates, you can make your own. It is cheaper and healthier. I make my own version of the pizza ones all the time for the kids.

  19. Karla Sceviour says

    The only tip I have is to get the kids involved,let them choose what they want,,my son wants a bologna or cheese sandwich every day,,so I really dont have any awesome ideas! lol

  20. elaine bolduc says

    i get the containers with dividers in them from the dollar store and i put several different foods in each spot. sandwiches get boring so i put different food in the lunch and often a thermos is great for something really different. and always a little note of praise goes a long way.

  21. Samorjj says

    I bought them special cars and Spider-Man Tupperware containers so they enjoy opening and using them in their lunch.

  22. Andrea says

    choices, and small portions. I let my son’s be part of the lunch making process so they can help pick what goes in it :)

  23. Jackie Phipps says

    I use plastic reusable containers that have sections for different things. I always let them decide what they want to put in their lunch by having healthy options on hand

  24. Jennifer A. says

    I pack crackers and I use cookie cutters on hard cheese to cut out shapes also when I cut an apple I use lemon juice and pour it over it and then use an elastic band to keep it together so it doesn’t turn brown.

  25. Brooke Adametz says

    Bring the kids shopping so they can help make decisions on what they want and learn how to make good food choices!

  26. says

    I’ve made monster sandwiches. you cut a mouth in the sandwich top piece, use cheese for teeth, I’ve used sausage for ears, raisin pock marks, etc. I’m not the best creative lunch maker, but this one gets my son to eat things he might not normally eat because it’s a ‘cool’ sandwich.

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