Shameless Proud of My Daughter Writing for @OWLKids – Asking for Comments…

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Today I am totally a proud mama and am shamelessly asking you all to help me encourage my 9 year old. Recently we were thrilled to be asked by OWL magazine to have our daughter Sydney attend Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Event in Toronto.

Sydney was so adorable when she was asked, she isn’t really an outwardly emotional kid but she actually jumped and screamed as I read the email out to her. They wanted her to attend the concert and write a review…this may sound easy but honestly this was to be Sydney’s first concert and I wasn’t entirely certain she would want to follow through and write a solid piece. So I sat her down and explained what writing the article would be like….I don’t know why I had doubts, she just rolled her eyes at me and said “I got this Mom, chill out”.

Realizing that I was being somewhat of a Helicopter Mom I pulled back and we went online to check out the train schedule for our trip to Toronto. Sydney was involved in the planning and I was impressed that she took over the whole thing.


On the day of the event we set out to have some Mother/Daughter FUN. As she rightly pointed out this was our first event which we attended alone, or as she put it with no Chelsea. Sigh, sibling rivalry at it’s best.

Our train ride into Toronto was smooth until I realized I’d forgotten our event tickets in the car…

How we felt about forgetting the tickets

How we felt about forgetting the tickets

We hopped a train back to our car and quickly dashed back to the CNE just in time for the concert!!

Sydney wrote an amazing write up for OWL magazine which I’d encourage you to go read HERE.

In the end we had a magical day of music, dancing, games and memories being made. Once again I fell in love with being a Mother to this amazing kid….God truly blessed me with her.

my daughter

Now friends, I am asking if you’d go over to Sydney’s article and encourage her by leaving a comment.


I’d truly appreciate it!

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  1. Soozle says

    Awwww!!! COngrats to Sydney! She really rocked out her article! :D Way to go!

    And I have to say: hahah! The “Chill out mom” is priceless :D

  2. Deb Dorrington says

    Julie, your daughter did a wonderful job. I left a comment on her review and I don’t blame you for being proud of her.

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