Chelsea is 8 Today!! Introducing Chelsea Chat…a kidblog for her birthday

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Today our youngest daughter, Chelsea turns 8 years old! As you can imagine, this is a BIG day…it would be for anyone celebrating a birthday but perhaps it’s compounded by being the youngest in her class. She has been waiting ALL year to be the same age as everyone in her class and today there were cheers when we found out the school busses were running, it’s been snowing overnight and oh how upset she would have been if she didn’t get to share the day with her friends.


When we asked Chelsea what she would like as a present this year, one of the things she said she wanted was to begin her own blog. Huh, that’s pretty cool. She’s been talking about this for a while but I wasn’t certain she’d stick with it as other things in life caught her attention. This year, I’ve been consistently finding very animated Vids on my phone where she is talking to “you” out there, sharing her life.

chelsea kid blog

How can this Mom Blogger resist, honestly I’m pretty jazzed to share our Chelsea with you all directly! Things in her world are very sparkly….she is one of the most generous, thoughtful people I know and I am going to allow her to begin a weekly feature “Chelsea Chat” here on

Chelsea Chat 1

Who knows where she will take this, as an 8 year old who digs fashion, music, dance and has a kind heart this could go anywhere!

Today my heart is full, I have been blessed with an amazing little girl in my life who shows me how to have FUN daily and for that…well you get it…

Chelsea and mom

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  1. Matthew Tully says

    Happy Birthday Chelsea, from what I see your Mom is outstandingly as proud of you everyday as we are of Our 6yr daughter Cadence! We me and (@sherritully) wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you get spoiled today as every YOUNG (not little) girl should!!

  2. Amy Heffernan says

    awww!!! Thats sweet! Happy Birthday!! She wants to be like her momma which is a great trait!! Enjoy your day!

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