Cell Phones – The Joys, Spellcheck Fails and Selfies

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These days most of us have mobile devices and frankly when I meet someone who doesn’t, I experience some shock and a strange kind of envy. Yes, I said envy! Imagine being unreachable, able to simply be IN the moment without ever being interrupted. Then of course my true nature kicks in and I realized that I’d have a very hard time being utterly unplugged. Seriously, have you seen how much I am on social media?

My phone usage has changed over the years, where once it was for speaking to others these days it’s more about connecting via social media or texts.

I’ve received both good news and bad news on my phone and some of our most valued celebrations can happen in a few keystrokes. This is one I’ll probably keep forever from my husband….as you can see his sense of levity when I’m all mushy is one of the reasons I adore him. This guy “gets” me.



Our 10 year old daughter got her 1st iPod this past Christmas and I’ve been navigating between frightened and pleased at how she’s handling her restricted online access. One of the things I really like about it is being able to communicate with her directly when she’s hooked into wifi. Getting loving texts fills my heart….here is a stellar one which I received while I was at the gym.

Her spellcheck fails often make me proud….she’s taking after her mama.

photo (1)


Although it may seem like my phone has become an appendage because I appear to be online 24/7, there are times when I do put it down. Rarely do I sit face to face with someone with my phone interrupting. It still feels odd to be attending Blogger events, with all the heads in the room bent over a device typing but hey we want to share it all with the world.

At home I leave my phone here, there and everywhere throughout the day which has often left me perplexed when I can’t find it. More often than not my darling 8 year old Chelsea has snatched it and run to her room to leave me “pretties” to enjoy later. She is super kind this way, as the 400+ selfies in my photo album proves.

SelfieHow about you, do your friends or family members surprise you with what you find on your cell phone?


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