How to Make a Gorgeous Planter & a $50 Giveaway from @PresChoice #PCGarden

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It’s the middle of June and my perennial gardens are coming along nicely. The few hanging baskets I’d purchased haven’t stood the test of 2 dogs though. Somehow the dogs have knocked the stands over while playing and my poor baskets are looking very poorly. I am intent on nursing them back to health, in the meantime I wanted to get myself a few large planters for the deck to bring in some colour.

Planters and urns can make a strong statement, by choosing your fav colours and plants you can liven up your outdoor space. Today I headed to our local Zehrs to see what tickled my fancy.

I ended up buying 2 pretty planter boxes after browsing them for ages. They have so many styles, materials and colours that it was quite difficult to decide. I almost bought a gorgeous teal blue pair but as always my conservative kicked in.

I also bought a plethora of annuals to use in the planters, President’s Choice carries a line of annuals called Gigantico which I adore. They are three times the size of normal annuals and with our short season, they are instant gratification.

shopping for plants at Zehrs

From tall ones, hanging ones to showy ones I think I’ve got it covered. Along with these items, I picked up some soil to use in the planters, managed to get a great deal as well. After the super nice sales rep helped me load up the SUV, I headed home to get planting.

Plant Urns and Planters

How to Make a Gorgeous Planter

How to Make a Gorgeous Planter

Fill the bottom of the urn or planter with filler such as gravel, empty plastic flower containers or coarse sand. The filler helps with drainage and saves on unnecessary potting soil.

Fill the container with potting soil until you reach within 1″ of the top. Flowering annuals have shallow roots and only require approximately 8″ of soil. Pat the soil down firmly, this will help plants to remain stable.

planting an urn or planter

Choose your plants wisely. The most crucial point is the diameter of the plants; don’t buy plants with a large diameter which won’t end up fitting into the urn as attractively as you’d like.

Also take note of where the urn or planter will sit. If it’s in the shade you’ll need shade loving plants and vice versa if it’s full sun.

Planters and urns do well if you have a Thriller (tall showy plant), a Spiller (a cascading plant) and a Filler (plants to fill the spaces).

In today’s planters I used:

  • Thriller: 1 tall annual for the centre of the planter/urn, today I chose spikes and an incredible Iris
  • Spiller: Some trailing annuals, today I chose PC ‘Gold’, ‘Maculata’ and ‘Floramia’
  • Filler: Shorter, wider fillers around the centre annual. Today I chose ‘Star Dust Super Flash’ and ‘Silver Spike’

Begin with the tall annual, dig a hole in the centre of the planter/urn slightly larger than the root ball.  Remove the plant from the plastic container by grasping the base of the plant stem and gently squeezing or tapping the container. Place the annual into the hole, cover with soil and pat firmly.

plant an urn or planter

Next plant the filler plants, making a circle if you’ve chosen more than a few. Finally plant the cascading plants, spacing them evenly around the diameter.

When all of your plants are planted, insert a container-friendly fertilizer like Miracle Grow sticks and water generously to settle the soil.

How to Make a Gorgeous Planter 2 Within an hour I had 2 gorgeous planters, both quite different but equally suitable for our outdoor space.

It’s a simply endeavour and well-worth the effort!

Enter to WIN a $50 Gift Card to President’s Choice

My friends at President’s Choice want you to get in the garden! They’ve given me a $50 Gift Card to giveaway to one lucky Canadian reader.

Giveaway entry is simple, just use the Giveaway Tools form below. Giveaway ends July 2nd, winner will have 48 hours to respond.

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  1. Darlene Schuller says

    I’d have to get new pots for my existing plants & add to my collection of fine geenery :)

  2. lorna says

    I would buy mosquito repellant plants as I live in a small town near a river and some plants that spread wildly as I want to have the least amount of grass possible :)

  3. says

    I love buying plants and getting my little guys involved in gardening. Our growing season is a little behind most of Canada so we’re just finishing up our vegetable garden. I would like to purchase some ground cover as we started some larger gardens. I love your planters!

  4. Lindsay T says

    I’d buy mulch! We bought many of our flowers & veggies at real Canadian superstore this year but we definitely need more mulch!

  5. says

    Like you, Julie, my perennials are starting to flourish, but my deck and yard need some color and “pick-me-up” With a $50.00 PC card I could pick from a wide range of PC annuals to brighten up these spots.

  6. Pat B says

    I’d check out the garden centre and see what is available – I’d love to have some woolly thyme if I could find it……

  7. Lynda Cook says

    I was just telling my mother today that I would like some indoor plants, so if I won I guess I would get me some plants for indoors

  8. Erinn Lishman says

    I’d have to say I’d buy groceries, anything needed, with this gift card. Not exciting but it would definitely help!!

  9. Carine Lefebvre says

    Wow this is very beautiful, I simply love plants! With the gift card I would buy groceries. Thanks! Have a nice day!

  10. Tanya Lemoine says

    Nicely done!!! I took a similar course that was really fun and informative! Your plants look great! I would love to add to the two that I have now. It would fill things in nicely. ;)

  11. olga says

    I’ve done my planting, but I need more ambience! I’d get new cushions and decorations for my deck.

  12. Robyn L says

    I would buy a few plants to put in front of the house in a boxed area(Perennials if possible) and I’ve been wanting to get a Rhubarb plant very badly.

  13. lisa bolduc says

    ha since my thumb isn’t really green I would get a nice potten plant, and then a tub of ice cream so I can cry when my plant dies

  14. Terri says

    My garden desperately needs fertilizer. This would be enough to buy some for not only my planters but my vegetable garden as well!

    • stacey dempsey says

      Oh well I coudnt find them on their website so maybe they dont carry them anymore so I would get her some nice hanging baskets , her birthday is coming up

  15. Silvia D says

    love the planter you did! I would buy some potting soil and some flowers to brighten up our back porch!

  16. Pam says

    I just recently got a new (used) patio set and I would use the gift card towards some accessories (juice pitcher, bowls , plates., etc)

  17. Dreena says

    I’d buy some groceries and a rose plant (one of mine did not make it).
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  18. Suzanne G says

    I would probably buy groceries. Your pots are beautiful and love the feature plant with the red flowers. What is the name of that plant.

  19. Janet Claire says

    Your planters look so beautiful ! Thanks for the inspiration. Liked your idea about using an Iris for height . I would love to buy some urns, irises, PC wave annuals and make amazing planters for my back deck.

  20. Vanessa Cook says

    Some pots and potting soil to transplant my 5 year old son’s sunflower he planted at the Children’s Festival!

  21. Karen E Hill says

    I need some peat moss and some perennials that were damaged by this last winters weather. TY for the chance

  22. Monique L.S. says

    I would buy groceries. The price of fruits and vegetables seems to have gone up by a lot lately, so would be nice to get a bit of a discount.

  23. Lori R says

    I would love to try some hanging baskets. I have a rather boring front porch that could use a little cheer, but somehow, I usually stop before I get to there.

  24. macfsh says

    I would buy some more foxglove flowers. I have two plants now and I’d like more. Also, maybe a butterfly bush.

  25. Natalie says

    My garden is in serious need of some bright colours, so I’d probably buy a few really pretty annuals in pink or yellow

  26. emma walpole says

    I love the cana lillies s o would buy a few of those and some hostas, building a hosta garden at the side of my house and would love to add some more to it

  27. stephen gordon says

    I’d buy some perennials for my existing garden and spread it out more. Thanks for the chance. Cheers

  28. Debra R says

    I may have to do these planters when my new, huge deck gets built next week. I want to keep the planters to a minimum, so this would be perfect, and beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Cheryl P says

    I have always wanted a clematis…they are so beautiful. I would also buy some flowers for my Nana and Papa’s gravesite

  30. Brianne Knox says

    I would buy a variety of plants to make unique hanging baskets. Love to do geraniums in the middle, then staggered petunias and lobelia around the outside. Colourful and fills out really nicely.

  31. Shane says

    we only shop at loblaws stores so this would go towards groceries or home stuff or clothes for my kids!

  32. Bailey Dexter says

    I would love to buy a few more plants both veggie & flowers with a gift card from President’s Choice. I always buy my plants at the local store, I love the quality and the guarantee even tho I never need it.

  33. Megan F. says

    I kind of hate to say it, but I think I would spend it on groceries. We could really use some groceries to fill our fridge right now.

  34. Michael Hurst says

    Jen I’d love to win this for plants this year even though I’m late cause Idid have funds to purchase any yet! Thanks for the chance to win with you!

  35. Wendy Arnott says

    This year I needed one of my planters for strawberry plants while I cleaned out the bed and left them in it. The other planter I sprinkled free wildflower seeds into so I didn’t have to buy plants this year. A gift card would go towards fruits and vegetables as I am trying to eat healthier and take better care of myself.

  36. Renee LeBlanc says

    I would def be adding a new DIY potted plans for my front porch! I really want to try one with succulents and flowers!

  37. Karen C. Hill says

    I need some new pots from the garden centre – mine are plastic and have cracked. Would love to get some of the sturdy ones!

  38. Corry L. says

    I’d buy some more herbs for my herb garden and replace my dying cilantro. I’d also buy some cucumber and pepper plants.

  39. Carmela says

    Your planter looks lovely! I would buy some pretty annuals to cheer up the garden… Geraniums, petunias, lobelia.

  40. Karen Hayes says

    I use this gift card to purchase some flowers for my back patio deck, thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Karen Hayes says

    I would buy some nice colorful plants for my back patio. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  42. Jennifer P. says

    Looks great! We need a new pot, and a base, for beside our door, so that is what I would use the gift card for.

  43. Tanya Calvert says

    Something to brighten up my front garden – there’s a whole lot of green in there, but no color

  44. says

    Pretty sure it would go straight to groceries. Or maybe some picnic items, love some of the summer serving items I’ve seen there lately.

  45. Dee Schwark says

    I would buy an assortment of herbs to make a small herb container garden on my deck… using fresh herbs over dried :)

  46. Alayne Langford says

    Thank you for the great planter tips Julie!! I would use the gift card to make myself a planter for the front porch which gets the morning sun. I would buy tall grass and a lot of colour, similar to yours! I would also like to buy Lanterns to hold candles in the evening. :)

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