Cooking Eggs on a Campfire? Eggs in Green Peppers on the Campfire #BBFEggs

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If you enjoy camping like we do, you have probably cooked over a campfire a time or two. It doesn’t just have to be spider dogs and s’mores, cooking eggs on a campfire is a delicious way to enjoy breakfast. As a Burnbrae Farms ambassador, how can I resist trying new ways to cook eggs on the campfire?

We have used a skittle right in the fire but this past weekend we tried a method which I really enjoyed. I used a green pepper as the base but you can choose any pepper you’d like. The campfire really brings out the flavour in the pepper so be sure you dig the bold flavour.

Eggs In Green Peppers on the Campfire

eggs in green peppers on the campfire long

Begin by cutting your green pepper in half.

green pepper


Now clean out the seeds and ribs using a knife. Once you’ve cleaned it, place the pepper upon tin foil and crack your egg into the pepper. If your pepper is lopsided and wants to tip over, just run your knife along the bottom and slice off small portions to create a level base.

Our pepper was HUGE so I cracked 2 eggs into it.

eggs in green pepper


Now just pull the sides of the tin foil up over the pepper and twist at the top to create a tight packet.

eggs on campfire


Now you’re ready to get it onto the campfire! To begin, I placed the packet upon a grate which had a smoldering campfire under it. We were also cooking eggs in an onion beside it…cuz it’s all about testing and trying right?

Eggs in Green Peppers on the Campfire

This was actually taking a VERY long time so we stoked the fire and put the packet directly into the flames.

Eggs in Green Peppers on the Campfire in flames

In total these took 20 mins but if it were in an active flame I suspect it would take 10 minutes. Just be sure to open the foil here and there to check on your eggs, there will be a bit of liquid on top from the pepper as it cooks.

Eggs in Green Peppers on the Campfire 2

These eggs in green peppers on the campfire were delicious and I hope you enjoy making them as well!

Eggs in Green Peppers on the Campfire 1

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am participating in the Burnbrae Farms Brand Ambassador program. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Lynda Cook says

    These look very, very tasty, I love cooking over an open flame, everything just seems to taste better, we love doing our steaks on the firepit, best steaks ever, mmmm


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