Family Camping in a Yurt at Bingeman’s Park

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Finding the perfect family camping spot can be a challenge, especially if you’re a family with diverse tastes. My girls are 8 and 10 years old and they are seeking to be constantly entertained. My loving husband loves the outdoors but is saddled with a wife who enjoys the little comforts…such as a mattress!

This has proven to be a challenge at times, gone are the days when this girl enjoys portaging into the wilderness to sleep on rocky ground. These days we look for the beauty of nature combined with activities and a bit of comfort. In comes Bingeman’s Park in Kitchener, Ontario. As a child I spent weekends at Bingeman’s Park with my friends family who had a seasonal trailer there and have fond memories of it.

This past weekend our family had the opportunity to stay in a Yurt at Bingeman’s Park and enjoy their Big Splash water park and other activities. Bingeman’s park is a fantastic venue, with far too many activities for me to fully review but you can find the list HERE.

Family Camping Yurt Style

What is a Yurt? A Yurt is the traditional dwelling of Central Asia nomads, built with lattice walls, roof beams, a roof ring, a door and a covering. Bingeman’s Yurts come with a fire pit, a picnic table, beds and yes, even mattresses!

family camping Yurt Style


The Yurt is very roomy, ours had 2 bunk beds, a plastic outdoor table with 2 chairs and electricity. This isn’t luxury accommodations but definitely a step up from tent camping. It satisfied my need to be comfy and my husband’s desire to fee like he is roughing it while camping.

family camping inside yurt


family camping inside yurt 2


Once the excitement of checking out the Yurt subsided, I set about making 3 of the 4 beds and setting up the important things….like the coffee maker! The Yurt has more space than we needed which made it feel less claustrophobic than a tent can be.


family camping yurt


In the evening after a full day at Big Splash water park, we made use of the fire pit; enjoying s’mores, spider dogs, grilled sandwiches and family games at the picnic table.

family camping games

family camping s'mores


We had a GREAT time camping as a family in a Yurt at Bingeman’s Park but if you think it may be too rustic for you, perhaps you’d be interested in renting one of their cabins?

cabins at bingeman's parkBingeman’s Park is a fantastic choice for family camping in Ontario. From mini-putt, golf, water park, pool, trails, bowling and more there really is something for everyone.

Disclosure: We were provided accommodations in return for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Lynda Cook says

    I love the yurt, I could handle staying in one of them I think they are pretty awesome and they do have a lot of room in them considering they look a lot smaller. I haven’t had spider dogs in a long time, I think my granddaughter needs to come over so we can have some spider dogs over the fire mmmm. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves!!

  2. Georgina A says

    this looks like the perfect way to go camping now that the my years don’t enjoy tenting it, I miss camping, need to look into this for sure

  3. beth says

    I love that you can ‘rent’ a yurt. Ive never been in one- but I think that this would make the camping experience way more enjoyable- especially when the weather sucks

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