Stomping Bullying with Free The Children and Goldfish Crackers

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The word bullying has become something which children are aware of these days. It’s unfortunate that they have to deal with anything to do with bullying but it’s a fact.

One of the keys to preventing bullying in children is to build confidence, something my friends at Free the Children know well. They have partnered with Goldfish Crackers to help educate and empower Canadian youth about issues of bullying at the youth-based Take Action Camp.


The Take Action Camp is located in Bethany, ON. Children travel for a week-long stay to learn how to become leaders in their communities and about issues of bullying and inclusivity to prevent bullying in schools and online.

This is a camp which exudes everything I admire in a youth organization. All of the activities and meals are centered on confidence and team building. They are educated about building a safe, inclusive environment where bullying doesn’t exist.

Campers are given the tools to recognize:

  • What bullying is
  • Where bullying comes from
  • How to recognize bullying in its various forms
  • How to take action when they see bullying taking place
  • Steps to creating safe environments and preventing bullying

Sydney is now 10 and I am seriously considering sending her for a week to Take Action Camp next year. It seems that this is an environment where she will begin to see her own ability to change her world and flourish with the FUN activities and new friends.

Campbell Canada, the makers of Goldfish Crackers is proud to support Free The Children’s initiatives to help educate youth and are providing them with the tools they need to build safer communities and help prevent bullying.

Watch for limited edition packages of specially marked Goldfish® crackers which will help drive awareness of Free The Children’s bullying prevention initiatives.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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