Canadian Raised Chicken – Win an iPad #RaisedByCdnFarmer

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So you love chicken, yes I’m assuming that because…well who doesn’t? Over the years I’ve become more aware of the quality of the meats we eat and where they come from. These days it really matters to me what we are putting into our bodies and frankly with the chicken that is Canadian Raised I know where it comes from and how it is raised.

How do I know?

When I’m shopping I look for the label which tells me that the chicken is raised in Canada by farmers dedicated to producing unmatched quality chicken that meets the highest nutrient, food safety and animal care standards.

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Chicken Farmers of Canada is an association of over 2700 chicken farmers in Canada who are dedicated to raising the high quality chicken we all know and love.  With its 3 pillars (import controls, production planning and producer pricing), the supply management system for chicken continues to evolve to meet the changing demands of the Canadian marketplace while keeping it open to a predictable level of imported chicken as well.

You can read more about Canadian Raised Chicken on the website, understanding the Supply Chain will relieve any concerns you may have.

Chicken Recipes

If you’re like me, you’re on the lookout for fantastic chicken recipes to have on hand at any given time. I repeatedly return to the Chicken Farmers of Canada recipe section or their Instagram and Pinterest accounts for ideas.

Recently, Sobeys has celebrated with the Canadian Raised Chicken label by creating a FABULOUS recipe box full of how-to videos, contests, information and recipes for folks who are cooking chicken.
I love this section, it has me equipped for almost anything!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.18.18 PM

Before you head out shopping, download the FREE Shopping App from Chicken Farmers of Canada and simplify your shopping trip.

The app is amazing, the key reasons we dig it are:

  • The only free grocery list app that allows you to share lists and sync in real time.
  • Coming in the next couple of weeks: a fully functional web-based interface for the app. Create your list at your computer, shop from your phone.
  • Get alerts when someone adds an item or crosses it off
  • Search recipes right from the app and add them to your shopping list in one click.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.19.32 PM


To celebrate the Fall season, Chicken Farmers of Canada has provided us with an amazing prize for you all here!!!

One very lucky Canadian reader will win an iPad mini to help you search for all those tasty chicken recipes and to help you create a grocery list!!!

iPad Mini Giveaway!
You must be 18 to enter, simply fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. Winner will be drawn on October 20th and will have 48 hours to respond.

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  1. Elizabeth H says

    I love a simple 4 ingredient chicken bake dish.

    Take chicken breasts, slather with basil pesto, top with tomato slice and mozerrella cheese and bake in the oven. mmmhmm

  2. Glenna Westbrook says

    My favorite Chicken Dish is .. We make Wraps with the Chicken, Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Rice and a Lemon Sauce packet

  3. Debra R says

    Most of my meals contain chicken,….I’ve had some bad chicken and tough ones, but, like you, look for local products with a clean raising ethic.

  4. Jennifer M says

    I can’t possibly choose one! We eat chicken 95% of the time for dinner. I love a coconut curry chicken. BBQ’d honey lime skewers, a roasted whole chicken and OMG beer can chicken!!

  5. Susan Hanley says

    Although I prepare chicken many different ways our favourites are whole chicken cooked in the slow cooker and chicken pot pie. We also really love Hurry Chicken from Simply Stacie.

  6. Audrey Skinner says

    There is nothing lie a good ole roast chicken dinner with stuffing and veggies and lots of gravy and cranberry sauce.

  7. Jackie M says

    I love chicken parm or a lovely stuffed chicken breast! What the heck, I love all chicken dishes. Also, I think I forgot to wait until I can submit for of the entries and prematurely submitted enter. I am follow @chickenfarmers on Twitter!

  8. Heidi Pawluk says

    ♥ Fav way I like chicken done is in home-made chicken soup with tons of fresh veggies – nothing more soothing for a fall or winter day – delicious & so nutricious

  9. Jennifer P. says

    My favourite summer chicken dish is chicken breasts barbecued by my dad – he makes the best BBQ chicken!! My favourite winter chicken dish is a Thai dish, chicken with cashews – so delicious!

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I love chicken in all shapes and forms but I think my favourite is the traditional roast chicken with yorkshires, stuffing, red cabbage and cranberry sauce and a fantastic gravy :-)

  11. Alex Conde says

    Lately, I have been absolutely rocking home made, seasoned chicken tenders. I do them up in a sauce or dry rub. It’s everything good about chicken wings, and so much more.

  12. Lisa A. says

    Family favourites are baked chicken with barbecue glaze, or chicken tetrazinni! And, nothing like a herb-roasted chicken dinner :)

  13. Jenn C says

    I have to say your one pan Chicken has risen to the Top of our Faves. Also nothing beats a Roast Chicken Dinner! Another Fave of ours is Jerk Chicken. Gahh So Many chicken dishes we adore.

  14. Jodi Mitrovic says

    My all time favourite chicken dish is Chicken parmigiana. I love it with a side salad and fresh garlic bread. My Husband is a great cook and prepares a perfect dish! Thank you for a great post and giveaway! Good luck all!

  15. Dana Miller says

    My favorite chicken dish is Chicken, brocolli and cheese casserole. It is my comfort dish. And home cooked with love makes it even tastier!

  16. Steph Bkn says

    I love a classic dish we make with chicken breasts, rice and cream of mushroom soup, a comfort food, classic in our house :)

  17. erin says

    Crockpot chicken with a bottle of Kraft garlic parmesan with roasted cauliflower and the juice of a lime. Everyone loves this meal so much there is never any leftovers for lunch the next day. Yummy.

  18. Shaaron Kirkwood says

    Hmmm, that’s a hard one as I like so many. I guess chicken parmesan for one in the toaster oven.

  19. Alex Conde says

    Lately I’ve fallen in love with making boneless chicken wings. You roll the chunks of chicken breast in whatever seasoning you want, and then bake them. Healthier than normal chicken wings, and delicious!

  20. Michelle H says

    I love Jamie Oliver’s Hit and Run Panbaked Chicken – definitely a fave in our home. Thanks so much for this chance to win and good luck everyone!

  21. Nick Peppiatt says

    My favourite chicken recipee is cast-iron fried chicken fingers breaded with ketchup chips. It’s actually a pretty good substitute.

  22. KellyPC says

    I love curry chicken & chicken cacciatore.
    This year my husband & I are on our own for Thanksgiving & I’m going to tried my hand at tur-duc-ken, with oyster, andouille sausage & cornbread stuffing. I’m excited!

  23. Natalia Mc. says

    One of favorite chicken dishes is garlic and Parmesan chicken wings orrrrrr black pepper and lemon chicken wings

  24. Nicholas Balandiat says

    I love “Best Baked Chicken & Sauce” my Mom won the state of Pennsylvania Chicken Cooking Contest with this’s AWESOME!

  25. Branka Stefanovic says

    My family loves so many of my chicken dishes. My son’t favorite is a layered chicken, bacon & cheese dish. No matter how much I make there’s never any left over ;)

  26. says

    Not sure but your contest wants me to fill out all the entries again so I apologize for the duplicity: I like to make shredded buffalo chicken in my crock pot. I can use it for wraps or sandwiches. Goes great with coleslaw. Easy to make too

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