Dyson Humidifier Giveaway

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Welcome to the Dyson Humidifier Giveaway.


Unlike many humidifiers out there the Dyson Humidifier delivers hygienic, even humidification in winter and high velocity air to cool you in the summer. It has ultraviolet cleanse technology which means that it exposes every drop of water to an ultraviolet light. It is whisper quiet even at the highest fan level so that you can have it running at night to help you get a good nights rest.

Dyson is known for its innovative technology and that didn’t stop with their humidifier. It has Patented Air Multiplier™ technologyDistributes humidified air evenly, quickly and quietly across the whole room.

Air is drawn in through the inlets in the base of the machine, passing over an intelligent thermostat and humidistat which accurately monitor the room’s temperature and humidity. The hygienic mist is then released from one aperture while the air is accelerated through a second aperture. This draws in surrounding air to create a jet of powerful airflow, distributing 99.9% of bacteria-free mist evenly throughout the whole room.

It’s no surprise that the Dyson Humidifier has been awarded the PTPA seal of approval AND has been certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma Society of Canada.

Now here’s your chance to own one and reap the benefits of a Dyson Humidifier.

Open to residents of Canada (excludes Quebec) 18 years of age and older.


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  1. Soozle says

    I would love to win a Dyson as I suffer from bad sinuses and dry skin that are horrible in the winter! I could really use some more moisture in the air

  2. Krista M says

    My son has airborne allergies and the benefits of the Dyson humidifier would relieve his sinus congestion & clear his airways for a better daily quality of living!

  3. TaraL says

    I would love to win because I like a fan on me all year around. I also do get cold sometimes so it would be wonderful to have such a versatile product.

  4. Karin Dollery says

    I have 3 granddaughters ( 1yr, 4 yr, 5yr) and at their home it is very very dry. They have been sick with whatever is going around, so lots of runny noses , stuffiness and restless nights. I hate to see them like this and I know that this wonderful Dyson Humidifier would be a help.

  5. Judy Cowan says

    We heat with electricity and find that our condo get really dry in the winter, which leads to dry skin & lips. This sounds like it would be very useful for us and worth the investment.

  6. Elaine G says

    I’d like to win so I can give it to my Mom, her house is really dry plus her dr. advised her to get a humidifier.

  7. SweetPanda says

    I would love to win this because my son has nose bleeding very easily especially when the air is dry, therefore this definitely can help him

  8. Doreen Lamoureux says


  9. Lynda Cook says

    I would love to win one of these because well it’s Dyson and I love the idea of being super quiet and works much better then the leading brands from what I hear!!

  10. Betty S says

    I would love to put humidity into my home now that the winter weather is here. It gets so dry and a quiet Dyson machine would do the trick

  11. Lee-Ann S says

    We’d love to win the Dyson Humidifier because Miss R’s hand get really dry and rough as the weather gets colder while all of us suffer from chapped lips.

  12. Nicole B says

    I would love to win a better humidifier for winter. We have the kids humidifiers but would love a more grown up one for the rest of the house!

  13. Linda L says

    We have a wood furnace and I find it very dry in the house and I get a lot of headaches in the winter due to this! I would love to win this as I think it would help with the house being so dry! Thanks for the chance!

  14. lori n. says

    We live in Winnipeg and our home is very dry in the winter …. we have three kids and a humidifier would help us all weather the winter a bit better!

  15. says

    This Dyson humidifier would be the perfect fit for our family home.
    My husband suffers from asthma and my son has allergies that hamper his health.
    The cold Canadian winters take a told on the humidity levels in our house.
    Very dry and lots of sore throats from my mouth breathers. 😂

  16. Shannon says

    I would love to win for my 3 and almost 1 year old! Getting sick during the winter is unavoidable, this would help ease symptoms tremendously! I am also an asthma, allergy and eczema sufferer so I would also benefit from Dyson’s Humidifier!

  17. melissa fowers says

    I would love to win this for my 7 year old son who has terrible eczema and bad asthma. His room could use this for sure. Thanks for the chance.

  18. kristen sowko says

    With Winter on it’s way, our house is always dry. I also suffer from allergies, so this would really help a lot! Thanks for the chance! :)

  19. Jenn Beckett @jennpup says

    Our house is very dry in the winter, it is hard to keep hydrated, even my skin gets so dry. I love that this is from Dyson and so hygienic! Would love to win it!

  20. Rosanne Robinson says

    I would LOVE to win this awesome Dyson Humidifier because we are seniors and live in a rented house, without a humidifier on the furnace. I have lots of environmental allergies and asthma, so it would be the answer to my breathing issues in both the summer and the winter.

  21. Tara Kerr says

    I would love to win this amazing dyson humidifier as we are expecting our first child in the new year and our house is so dry, this would be so perfect!

  22. Cheryl P says

    My elderly mom is moving in and between her and my daughter they are alwasy freezing. Circulation problems I think….so this amazing Dyson heater would warm them both up!

    • Cheryl P says

      Sorry thought it was both a heater and humidifier…….. ooops…. Well dry hair = crazy hair and dry skin and 3 girls in the house definetly need some help in that category! So more moisture is always a good thing!

  23. SeptemberDee says

    I’d love to win the humidifier because the house is so dry when the heat is on. We experience static everywhere from carpets, blankets etc. My poor poodle gets shocks now and again too! Using a conditioner on him and that helps. Still this would be great and would improve our winter quality of life immensely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Erin W says

    I really want to win because I now live in a house with a wood burning stove and am now experiencing how dry it can make the house! I need some moisture!

  25. kristen visser says

    I would LOVE to win this for my mom for Christmas ! It is all she is asking for. I have one, and whenever she comes over she gets to enjoy it. She would love one for herself especially since she has 2 dogs, a cat, a bird and now my brother has moved in with her, the air quality is very important and very dry because of the animals dander

  26. Chandra O'Connor says

    I get nose bleeds during the winter months, and maybe I won’t have to put tin cans full of water on my vents.

  27. NJ (Jane) Nowoselski says

    To be honest: I could never afford one so I appreciate this chance. I think it would be very helpful since we have 4 pups. We also live in the country so the dust in our house during spring & fall can be over whelming. Thus ultimate test for Dyson would be our home. They should do a commercial here lol

  28. Darlene Demell says

    I would love to win this as I am an asthma sufferer and our home is very dry especially in the winter months. This would help immensely.

  29. Johanne Reid says

    I would love to win the Dyson because my skin is sooo dry this time of year. We have rad heat and
    it dries out my skin. Nothing I do seems to help. I would love to try the Dyson out.

  30. Nancy T says

    My youngest has a humidifier in her room and my oldest daughter needs one too! Humidifiers help keep the girls asleep during the dry winter months.

  31. Ash L says

    Was just having a conversation with someone and I said I need to get a humidifier for my daughters room as her face has become extremely dry from this cold air coming in. Somehow the topic of vacuums ended up coming up and we talked about how awesome the dyson’s are. It’s fate!

  32. Catherine C says

    I’ve always wanted a humidifier and this would help a great deal with my dry skin and scalp during the winter months. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Kim K says

    I’d love to win because I use a humidifier every day for my eye health. The Dyson looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for the chance.

  34. LILLIAN BROWN says

    I would love to win this because we have electric heat which is very dry and I suffer from sinus problems associated with the dry heat.

  35. Vivian Dionne says

    I would like this humidifier because the air in my place in so dry during the winter. and I suffer from a dry nose and skin.

  36. Erin McSweeney says

    i’ve just moved into a new condo and its pretty dry with the heat on so I would love to have the dyson humidifier to help with that

  37. says

    I’d love to win a Dyson Humidifier so my family is more comfortable. The heat hasn’t even been on for that long and it’s not that cold yet but we’re already feeling the dryness in the air in our house. The air will only get drier as winter progresses.

  38. Jackie M says

    I would love to win this as this will help relieve some of the dryness my family will experience during winter with the cold and the indoor heat! Love how it produces 99.9% bacteria-free mist!

  39. Dorothy H says

    My house might be trying to kill me. Perhaps a Dyson Humidifier that claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria would help me out.

  40. Michelle Policelli says

    I would love to win the Dyson Humidifier because our home could really use one! our home gets very dry in the winter and with 3 cats, 3 bunnies and a dog my allergies are worse in the winter.

  41. Michelle Dimmock says

    I’d love to win the Dyson Humidifier because winter in my house is very dry. My hands crack and its painful. I also have 4 cats so it would help in multiple ways for me Thanks for the chance


    I’d like to win a Dyson humidifier because the air in our house is really dry in the winter and I find I wake up to a dry throat and sinuses so it would be nice to have one to use at night when we sleep.

  43. Jay M says

    This would be great to have for the basement where we have all of our instruments and a woodstove. It get’s pretty dry with the fire going all the time.

  44. Elizabeth H says

    Our home is extremely dry in the winter and with every member having asthma in our family, a humidifier would really help with our breathing!

  45. Luzviminda Gunter-Smith says

    My skin is dry and this weather makes my nose bleed a lot. Always a bit damp in the house. So this would be the best to get rid of dampness in the air, release good air for healthy air circulating in the house.

  46. Anne-Marie Tvete says

    I would love to win this because it works as both a humidifier in the winter and a cooling fan in the summer.

  47. Treen Goodwin says

    I would love to win as i have very dry air in my home in the winter , from my wood stove and damp air in the summer , this would be amazing for my home , there’s no happy medium

  48. rekha says

    I’d love to win a humidifier because it’s so dry in the house and my toddler is always boggery and I wake up stuffed. It’d really help us out!

  49. Amanda Fontaine says

    I would love to win a Dyson Humidifier because I think it would help tremendously with my children. As they seem to get sick so easy this last year and the dryness in our house does NOT help one bit when they are not feeling well…

  50. Heather T says

    Our house always seems to be too dry, no matter how many times we get the furnace looked at. This Dyson would be ideal!

  51. Tasha May says

    I would love to try out this humidifier, my family has allergies and we currently don’t own one so I think I’d definitely love to give it a try see how it works out for us :o)

  52. suzi says

    I love my Dyson fan and I think it would help as I’ve been having to deal with dryness in my home and getting congested and headaches!

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