I’m Doing a 3 Month Body Transformation

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I am fired up! It’s completely the wrong time of year for me to enter into a 3 month body transformation commitment but dammit I am. I have been feeling quite poorly for a long time now and it’s all because I haven’t been kind to my body. I’ve been ignoring the aches, the bloating and how my overall sloth-like activity has affected my body.I’m bloody sick of having to try to find the BEST camera angles where I might like what I look like; the muffin tops and exhaustion! No more!

I’m in my 40’s and I’m someone who has struggled with my weight all of my life. It isn’t because of a lack of knowledge, it’s because no matter how well I do when I’m focused on a fitness/eating regime…I have always returned to my past behaviours of being lazy and eating for comfort.

As an alcoholic, I’m applying my 12 Step program to this…I know that I have a unhealthy relationship with food and the first thing I am doing is being aware of everything I put in my mouth. I’m asking myself WHY am I choosing this and if there’s a better choice – I’ll take it.

Fact is that my body is just not built for me to be able to indulge on an ongoing basis. I truly believe that I am wired to be a heavy person and unless I am aware of what I’m eating on an ongoing basis, I’ll always be overweight. Knowing all of this I’ve begun a 3 month committment to myself where I’m watching what I’m eating and I have signed on with Bryon Mackie of Big Tyme Boxing & Fitness to get my body transformation started.


When I was considering the best approach to getting my body transformation started, I knew I’d need a personal trainer who I will truly be accountable to. I’ve known Bryon almost my entire life and I know that he will call me out if I try to avoid working out. I know I’m talented at making excuses but I also know that Bryon is a bulldog so when he accepted this challenge with me I know he is relentless.

I am two weeks into this and have been avoiding processed foods, refined sugars, breads and pastas and generally just trying to eat clean about 90% of the time. I’ve had 4 workouts with Bryon at Big Tyme Boxing & Fitness which have given me a glimpse into how VERY out of shape I am. It has felt defeating when my muscles are screaming and I can’t catch my breath but thanks to Bryon I haven’t allowed this to stop me. I am a hot, sweaty 43 year old mess in the gym but not for long!

Here’s a taste of our workouts at Big Tyme

As of today I’m down 8 pounds, my muscles ache but I’m able to do MORE at the gym than I could 2 weeks ago. The stair climber is still the devil, the skipping rope is my nemesis and I can only do 20 seconds at a time but I’m FIRED UP!

I’m determined to OWN this and to change this soft body into someone who can skip for a minute while having a conversation rather than breathing as if they’re dying.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all as I go and believe me when I say I’ll need your encouragement!
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  1. Violet P says

    Wow, good for you! Meditation may also help shift your thinking of ‘I”m born a heavy person’ to ‘I can be whatever person I want!’

  2. kristen visser says

    Good for you hun!! that is absolutely fantastic. Such a great commitment to make and I like your idea of getting a trainer. That is something I have always wanted to do was get more active and tone my body with the help of someone who would push me! My husband does a great job of doing this but I find it more comfortable doing it with someone I hardly know other then my husband seeing me like that lol

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