EASY DIY Slime with Glitter and Essential Oils

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Thank goodness for this EASY DIY Slime with glitter and Essential OilsIf you’re a parent…especially one who is working from home, I believe you’ll understand the gratitude when I tell you that today was a PD day for the kids at school. This means 8 hours of INTERRUPTION if I don’t find an activity that we all enjoy.

The girls have tried a kazillion slime recipes and we are often left with slime that doesn’t hit the mark. For some reason my girls have VERY set requirements for it to be JUST the right texture with the right amount of “stretch” value. Sydney likes slime with shaving cream in it….don’t get me started on that one…

Chelsea recently found a way to make it that she liked and I bumped it up by adding in glitter and our dōTERRA essential oils. She adores peppermint so she chose that but really you can use any of the oils you prefer.

EASY DIY Slime with Glitter and Essential Oils



  1. Mix together warm water and Borax in one small bowl until diluted.
  2. In a different bowl, pour the bottle of glue and mix in the other 1/2 cup of water. Mix them together well.
  3. Add in 4 drops of the Peppermint dōTERRA essential oil and your glitter and blend well.
  4. Very, very slowly pour a SMALL amount of the water/Borax into the glittery water/glue mixture. (I begin with a teaspoon)
  5. Mix it well. Use your fingers in this one and in a bit of time you should see the slime firming up. You want to do this sparingly so that you don’t make it too stiff. At first it will feel wet but the more you work it with your fingers, it solidifies a bit.
  6. Add in more water/Borax if needed until you reach the consistency you like.

That’s it…that’s how very easy it is to make DIY Glitter Slime!

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