Natural Tick Repellent

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Spring has arrived which means that all of the bugs are out and about. We have been on the hunt for a natural tick repellent for dogs and kids and we’ve landed on this one!

Olive and Cocoa are our beloved family members and with our family choosing to use natural essential oils from doTERRA these days, it was our first choice when coming up with tick repellent ideas. We know that dogs are sensitive to chemicals and this year we are eliminating the over-loaded chemical bug sprays from our home.

This blend is easy to use and I’d suggest that you test it on you, your children or pets in a small area to ensure there’s no sensitivities. We apply this to clothing and bandanas on the dogs before we go for our walks and hikes.

Also please, please, please if you do find a tick on someone do NOT remove them with essential oils. There is a chance that the tick could regurgitate within the body before removal and that is a very BAD thing. Remove it with a tool and then apply oils to the area.

I have to pause here to ask you to double check the quality of the essential oils you purchase because they are not created equally. We use only dōTERRA products because I am confident with the purity (no fillers) and potency.

If you’d like more information on dōTERRA just fire me an email at or head over to my page Getting Started with dōTERRA Essential Oils Page

Natural Tick Repellent

There are many combinations which we’ve tried but this seems to be the most effective.

We use a metal spray bottle and simply combine the following:

  • 40 drops dōTERRA Terrashield
  • 10 drops dōTERRA Lemongrass
  • 10 drops dōTERRA Eucalyptus
  • 4 oz Water

Then shake it well and apply to clothing before outdoor activity. Reapply every few hours as needed.

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  1. Kim says

    Hi Julie,. I am so happy to have come across your blog by chance.. I googled DT oils for alcohol addiction and voilà! I am a recovering alcoholic in the very, very early stages and, I am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate as well. Thank you for sharing. How do i either sign up or able to at least follow your blog. Who knows, we just may cross paths one day! 🙂…… Kim

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