I am Julie, a wife and mother who also happens to be a recovering alcoholic. I began this blog as a journal of my life in 2010, after facing my alcoholism and soon after being in a serious car accident prevented me from performing the role in my corporate position.

One day in February of 2010 something inside me changed, I finally had the courage to reach out for help and begin the journey to recovery from alcoholism. Little did I know how beautiful life really could be! This is what SoberJulie.com is all about, finding the joys in life while living straight up! This is a place for all people, not just those in recovery because really we’re all facing challenges and seeking a healthy, meaningful journey.

I live in Southern Ontario with my fantastic husband, two daughters and our dogs who are beloved members of our family.

I have been blessed to have watched SoberJulie.com grow and morph into what it is today,  a source for humour, information, inspiration and at times innovation. Today Sober Julie focuses on Food, Travel, Family, Health and inspiration!family sober julie

After facing her alcoholism and soon after being involved in a car accident Julie began writing at Sober Julie where you’ll find that this funky blogger takes the tired, unappetizing reputation about sobriety and turns it into a day at the circus.

Jam-packed with ideas for food & drink recipes, travel tips and reviewsreal stories of recovery, tips for sobriety, reflections on life and tons of ideas for leading a better (more creative, more enjoyable) life.

Julie brings with her a strong background in business and knowledge of all things social media. As a speaker she has a fresh-voice which utilizes humour and relate-ability to bring forward her message. As a writer she bares herself, offering her experience, strength and hope to the reader which allows for true connections.

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