A Look Inside Living with PTSD

detailed illustration of a PTSD term explanation on a blackboard, eps10 vector, gradient mesh included

It’s been 6 years since I was in a car accident that left me to live with post-concussive syndrome, muscular injuries and PTSD. Over those years I’ve had countless types of therapies and thankfully my life has improved on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. Today I was re-reading blog articles I had written during the…

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30 Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes – Because I’m 4 Years SOBER!

4 years sober

Today is the day when I celebrate being 4 years SOBER! This journey has been HARD, every day I must acknowledge my desire to drink and defeat it. I’ve shared with you all so much of my journey; stories about recovery, my family and my faith….all of which have kept me accountable and your comments…

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Prayer Warriors I Could Use You

Randomly found in the sand in Florida this winter

This week isn’t easy, it’s the week before I head into a legal mediation for my car accident which occurred three and a half years ago. Already I find my anxiety and pain levels have increased and I know the only answer is to trust that God has my back. I believe in the power…

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Facing My Fear Takes Faith

faith and fear

Lately I’ve been a bit lost when it comes to writing from the heart, sharing my thoughts on Faith or self-improvement has felt like an obstacle was blocking, in a knee-jerk way. It’s felt like I was deep within a quiet period as I am facing some difficult times as we draw near to what…

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