Thanksgiving, Booze, Interventions & My Upcoming eBook


I’ve been remiss here, I haven’t yet wished all of my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. I apologize for that and hope you all survived the Turkey naps, the family drama and the bad behaviour which is sure to follow such a wonderful family holiday. From the sounds of things it seems like most have […]

Surprising Our Daughters With a Trip To Walt Disney World for Christmas

Walt Disney World Christmas

Big News…….insert drumroll here…….. We Are Going To Walt Disney World for Christmas!!! Yes friends it’s true, the dream we’ve had for years is actually happening. With both of our daughters born in December and Christmas planning December has always been an overwhelming month for my husband and I. Combine this stress with the freezing […]

WWE Divas Is Smart, Beautiful & Powerful Getting Lost In Sexy Image? #WWEMoms


As a proud member of the #WWEMoms panel I’ve been asked to speak about the WWE Divas and my take on these Superstars. This is a request that made me squirm a bit, as a Mom of two daughters who love the WWE I support their efforts at establishing Superstars who make positive role models […]

CAA Gift Membership – A Fab Christmas Gift #CAASCO


I grew up in a small town and back then winters were brutal. We walked to school in snow up to our hips, uphill both ways…..ok I’m exaggerating but the snowfall was greater than it is today and my father commuted over an hour to Toronto for work each day. My Dad is a brilliant […]

Halloween Costume Ideas from Walt Disney World

Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching I’ve been scouring the internet for Halloween costume ideas. There are so many options it quickly became confusing. Listen friends, as I approach 40 years old I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’m not a Mom who is creative and can work wonders with a sewing machine.I just don’t have the […]

Shopping Is Painless With #SearsClubPoints


When I see the blue Sears shopping bag come into my house I get excited! It’s a throwback emotion from my childhood which gets me every time. I grew up on small-town suburbia  where there weren’t many shops. My Mum firmly believed that Sears made quality products and she insisted that we do most of […]

WIN $2000 Worth of Chocolate from Nestle – #FavoriteHalloween

bunny costume

Until I had my first child I wasn’t huge on Halloween, ok as a child I did love going trick o treating but I suspect that had less to do with dressing up and more to do with the free candy. You see I had no creativity, honestly I could never come up with cool […]

Help Me Promote My Wacky Kids – Ellen Might See It!

Recently I asked my girls if they’d like me to do an interview with them for my blog….they jumped at the chance! After waiting patiently for them to plan their outfits and characters for a very long time, they emerged ready as I put on a straight face. I had no idea where this would […]

What Is a Cold Between Spouses – My Special Kind of Hell

It’s FRIDAY and both my husband and I are healthy! While this wouldn’t be a noteworthy state of affairs for most folks, for us it’s a huge milestone. Yes ok I’m being a tad dramatic but anyone who has children relying upon you can attest to the absolute HELL which falls over a home where […]

Donate the Cost of a Coffee I’m Going BALD – A Call to Social Media

head shave

Friends I’m asking for your help, as you read in Bald Had Better Be Beautiful (go read it…I’ll wait) I am raising money for Ronald McDonald House Toronto. Next weekend I am holding a fundraiser here in suburbia where I will be going BALD!!! Since writing that post I’ve stopped coloring and cutting my hair […]

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