#Blogiversary Guest Post~Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary


Today I am honored to have my friend Heather here sharing her writing with us to mark my #Blogiversary. Heather has a blog which many of you may be familiar with, The Extraordinary Ordinary. Heather is a wonderful writer, she has the ability to pull you into her world through her use of words. She shares…

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Wordless Wednesday~Christmas Decorating

action figure jesus

Wordfull Wednesday has arrived and for once I remembered! This past weekend we began decorating the inside of the house for Christmas. We don’t go overboard because our youngest daughter’s birthday is before Christmas, once her celebrations are over I then put up the finishing touches. While I was going through the boxes of Christmas…

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Flanders Field – I will remember!

Flanders Field Letter

On December 8, 1915 Punch in England ran a piece titled “Flanders Field”. This memorable poem was written by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, a Canadian from Guelph, Ontario. 40-year-old McCrae was more than a poet, in fact he was a doctor, soldier, author and artist.  On August 4, 1914 Britain declared war on Germany and Canada’s involvement…

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20 Days – What Time Can Bring

20 Days, that’s all I had 20 days of able body and mind sobriety 20 days of facing my disease and the low-level of my emotional state 20 days to feel frightened, irritable, angry, intrigued and hopeful by the changes which are sobriety 20 days of learning how to live in the same consciousness as…

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Halloween, Tim Hortons & #Equal Canada

Dorothy Halloween Costume

Fall has officially arrived here in suburbia Ontario! We mark the event each year by attending the Downtown Halloween celebrations. The local business association puts this celebration on each year, the stores hold Trick or Treating for children who are dressed in costume. So Saturday morning came and the girls excitement level hit the roof!…

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