Blondie Brownies with Hidden Veggies? The Kids Will Love This School Snack

Blondie Brownies

With the children back in school parents everywhere are looking for healthy school snack ideas and I have a fantastic answer! Each year I make these Blondie Brownies with hidden veggies and each time the kids are ecstatic with their ‘dessert’. I am equally pleased with the fact that these desserts are healthy and jammed…

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Blueberry Smoothie Recipe from My Creative 10 Yr Old Sydney

Blueberry Smoothie

The kids have been off school for some time now and believe it or not I’m not going crazy! Things have been rather smooth, we’ve been enjoying our days together and finding fun things to do.  Today Sydney who is 10 spend her day developing a fantastic blueberry smothie recipe and having a photoshoot to…

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