The Ultimate Potato Soup Recipe

ultimate cream of potato soup recipe slider

Nothing feels like a hug quite like a bowl of hot potato soup! Growing up with an English/Irish Mum potatoes were a staple in our home and she was very creative in how she used them. Nothing was off-limits when it came to a potato soup recipe in our house. I’ve carried on this tradition,…

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Getting My Veggies In With This Simple Cabbage Soup Recipe

Cabbage Soup Recipe @SoberJulie

I have NO idea what is wrong with me but since I’ve been paying attention to my eating habits, I’ve realized that I am not getting nearly enough vegetables. I’m like a child in my food choices….it’s almost embarrassing how strongly I crave fatty comfort foods rather than “fuel” foods. Unless I put my mind…

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Chicken Soup Kicked Up a Notch & a Giveaway! #ChickenDotCa

broccoli, potato & chicken soup

At this time of year I feel like I’m cold almost all day. There’s no real reason for it, yes the temperature outside is dropping but to my husband’s dismay I’ve turned on the heat. Wether it’s a psychosomatic┬áthing or not I’m chilly and when I feel like this there’s nothing like soup to make…

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