Sober Sex? Dear God Help Me I’m Talking About It

sober sex

At the age of 16 I was truly kissed for the very first time, sure I’d had the fumbling kisses of younger years but this one made my toes curl. I stood leaning against my Father’s car in the driveway of the first “real” love of my life, he leaned in and as our lips met […]

Mike’s Story of Getting and Staying Sober


Mike’s Story of Getting and Staying Sober When I came in I was defeated. I couldn’t hold onto a job, a relationship, or anything really. My life was miserable because I drank, and I drank to escape it. I had tried everything I could think of to try to stay sober (including moving 2,000 miles from […]

Just Being Sober Isn’t Enough

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There is this app on my phone that beeps at me everyday, it’s not an annoying notification like most of the alerts I get….this one is something I look forward to. That high-pitched beep is a sobriety indicator, firing me a daily message to tell me how many days I’m sober.   It also allowed […]

3 Facebook Messages, Some Profanity, Anonymity and the Stigma of Alcoholism


This morning I sat down to write you a post exposing myself as someone who is still utterly imperfect. I’d stepped over another pile of laundry and after reflecting (and bashing myself internally for letting my housework go…again) I felt it would be blogworthy. The outline was simple: expose my imperfection, share my personal emotions […]

A Man’s Oxycontin Addiction – A Reader’s Story

Sober doesn’t Suck! is a safe place for people to share their stories of being an alcoholic, addict, their addiction and recovery openly and honestly. There is no requirement of sobriety for posting, if you’re concerned about your using I want to hear from you too. I recently received the following article from Nick Sellberg.  I’m honored […]

30 Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes – Because I’m 4 Years SOBER!

4 years sober

Today is the day when I celebrate being 4 years SOBER! This journey has been HARD, every day I must acknowledge my desire to drink and defeat it. I’ve shared with you all so much of my journey; stories about recovery, my family and my faith….all of which have kept me accountable and your comments […]

I Experienced Joy This Morning & This Alcoholic Wanted to Drink

This morning I woke out of a deep sleep to feel the bed beside me being depressed and warm little arms enveloping me. In a not so whispery voice my 10-year-old said “Mama, it’s a new day and I just love you.” She scooted in closer as I raised my arm to pull her into […]

4 years Sober & Turning 41 – It’s my Birthday Week! #SoberBday

alcoholic 4 years sober

February is a BIG month for me personally, this week I’ll turn 41 and celebrate being 4 years sober! I was born on February 9th and I adore Birthday celebrations so it’s been the month to wait for since I was a little girl. Little Julie was known to have a Birthday countdown going from […]

This Alcoholic and Drug Addict Is Telling It Like It Is – Jeff’s Story

My name is Jeff Bertolet and I’m an alcoholic and a drug addict in recovery for the past 5 1/2 years. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming, to make sure this is really me and actually my life. You see I have this alcoholism, the disease of alcoholism, and […]

Tips to Having a Merry Sober Christmas for the Recovering Alcoholic

sober christmas

This is a difficult time of year for anyone who is struggling with alcoholism. With all of the gatherings and social events we are surrounded by alcohol and people who are enjoying it. When a person is new to sobriety or struggling to get to the other side, facing a Holiday is often a hurdle […]